Tucker Carlson – The mainstream media does not stand for big tech censorship

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A.D. In late 1998, Susan Wojichiki was only 30 years old and worked in the marketing department of some large companies in the Bay Area. Wojichiki was not a failure. She had a college degree and a job. On the other hand, it is hard to imagine that anyone who knew her at the time would think she was rich and powerful. But things change quickly.

In one of those wonderful opportunities, these great films about Wojchiki were rented to rage by two people who founded Gurage. And voila. After 23 years, she is worth more than half a billion dollars and runs the largest digital platform on YouTube.

What we are telling you is not to attack the life story of Susan Wojciech, good luck is great, but simply because many people in charge of your life now do not have the necessary qualifications to assert their power. They fell into it, just as humans do.

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What irritates them is that they do not accept this. They somehow think that their control is part of the natural order of things, they understand, they are God. Many forget that they worked in the mall a long time ago. Susan Wojichiki plans to censor any information she doesn’t like about COVID, even though that information was posted by doctors treating Covin.

Susan Wesjiki – But then we also talk about getting rid of problematic information, of course, take vitamin C, people know, take turmeric, just like those mouth cures. Those are examples of things that violate our policy. Anything that goes against the wishes of the World Health Organization is a violation of our policy. And so elimination is another important part of our policy.

CNN Brian Steller: So you not only bring in the truth after the lie, you bring the lie down. That is a very aggressive approach.

Where do you learn to learn aloud on the last letter? But yes, like EunuHe just told you, that’s a very aggressive approach, that’s for sure. To put it another way – Susan Wojichiki never had a medical background. She is not a doctor. She is not a researcher. She is not a well-known epidemiologist. In fact, Susan Wojciechki’s main contribution to science is to draw the doodles that appear on the Google homepage. True, she is in the market.

In any healthy country, Susan Wojichiki is responsible for deciding what medical information is wrong. And, of course, in a healthy country, doctors are not allowed to keep quiet about the virus.

But because of the way our system is structured, Wojichiki is actually allowed to do this, and so is she. This week, Kentucky Sen. Ran Paul, who not only rented a garage to Larry Page in the 90’s, is a real doctor, trying to make a clear point. And here it is: masks bought at the airport to comply with federal law do not prevent you from getting a copy.

Rand Paul not only assumed this, science is very clear, no honest person denies that. But Susan Wojichiki doesn’t seem to know that because it makes it harder for you to control. So she released a Rand Paul video from YouTube. Here is the part she tried to censor.

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Rand Powell – Because a person may choose to take care of a loved one with COVID, most of the masks that you find on the shelf do not work, and do not protect. Wearing only a cloth mask.

Oh, the most controversial information, you can’t say that. But wait, before they re-painted the slogans on the side of the barn, everyone said so much. The usual masks you buy at the pharmacy are not really effective in protecting against the virus. Where is that from? From an email sent by Tony Fausi last year. In fact, just last week, Joe Biden, a former Kovid consultant, said the same thing.

Dr. Michael Osterholm – We know that many face masks worn by people today are not very effective in reducing any viral activity inside or out. Either the breath or the breath. And, of course, if you’re in the Upper West, anyone who still wears our clothes can tell you that we can still smell all the smoke. .

If you can smell the smoke, you can get Covi. I understand. The point is, there was nothing kooky or inaccurate about the Rand Paul video on the mask. It was true. People who know what they are talking about, including those who watch our Kovid response, agree.

But it was censored anyway. And censorship of YouTube is a scam. It is one of the many scandals in our country today.

Now, you think the media might be on this story. People who live on one of the amendments think they will defend it and lead the case against censorship. But no, it is the opposite in this confusing time. Those people encourage censorship. They are begging the technology companies to keep the news out of the public eye. Doing so will make them feel stronger and will maintain their monopoly. So now they are attacking Rand Paul.

We have said over and over again, they are not shocked when they see something like this many times, they can no longer be shocked by it. But some perspectives – three years ago this was a free country. All we hear now seems to be written by a committee in the center of the Ministry of Propaganda.

What are the long-term consequences? Soon no one will believe anything. And this should not shock you because censorship is always the opposite. It does not work. People know they are lying, so they fix it.

The release of the vaccines, for example, was very difficult at the beginning of this year, so you have to wonder how many people the Soviet Union was afraid of. If they treat us like adults, we will certainly have a higher dose of vaccine, but they cannot because we do not look like adults.

Obviously, this cannot continue. You can’t have a self-governing country where people are not allowed to read what they want. Free press is not an option for democracy. It is the center of democracy. That is obvious. Written in our founding documents. It was always clear.

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So for years we have been waiting for the big media outlets – NBC News, CNN, The New York Times – to wake up and fight against censorship. It is their duty. That is why they live. So we think they will remember that at some point in their lives.

But no, that’s not the case. Truth be told, they do not oppose censorship. They benefit. So what is our alternative? We do not have another passport to live in this country, we are going to stay here.

We must replace them. We want something new. Glenn Greenwald has been working on this for some time. Over the past two months, Rumble plans to move on to an alternative video platform. In ruble, free speech is the whole point. They have no censorship. You can say what you want if you have lived in the United States. So, naturally, people in general are upset by this idea.

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YouTube has destroyed at least one video from Susan Wojichiki from the marketing department promoting Rumble. Jeff Besos newspaper attacked. That means the New York Times will soon be joined by the Atlantic and the Daily Beast and the rest of the Pretorian guard. Your work, ignore it. You know they are liars. They are no longer afraid of a system that no one else will believe.

If there is a renaissance in journalism and we really want one, it will be led by people like Glenn Greenwood, not by them.

This article was adapted from Tucker Carlson’s opening commentary on August 12, 2021, in the issue of “Tucker Carlson Night.”

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