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Linn Former President Donald Trump, who filed 4,095 arguments in the 30 years before he took office in 2016, has filed a series of “class action” allegations against Facebook and Twitter in an analysis by Sacramento – USA Today. No one should be surprised. And Google.

He accused the companies of violating the original amendment by blocking his and other dependent social media accounts. Some politicians act on principles, while others always do what is in their best interests. Trump will not pay attention if he does not know which category he belongs to.

Trump’s interest has long been in the spotlight, with “liberal big tech companies censoring you” and drumming will help rejuvenate the Republican base. It is also a good way to make money. Following the former president’s press release announcing the debate, he reportedly sent an e-mail to his “immediate contributors”.

My Southern California news team partner Susan Ley Lee doesn’t want to focus on Trump’s clear intentions but on the challenge. fair enough. But as Monny Python’s comedians point out, Trump’s legal argument is “fat thin.”

Trump and his allies are smart enough to know that there is a similar chance of success with the vast majority of processes that are trying to reverse the outcome of the presidential election: Bolpark Zero. To begin with, the former president claims to be a “government actor” because of the power of his income and the privileges these companies receive from the government.

In a speech to the Wall Street Journal, Trump said, “By eliminating the distinction between private companies and governments, Trump can hide the clear language of the US Constitution and” stop censoring Americans. ” He can. A.D. When writing power, it means that the government is enforcing it – by interfering in the personal decisions of private actors working in private companies.

Typing “live” from Trump’s constitution allows him to say what the state has published and not published. Market power does not equate private companies with government agencies. In parallel, Wal-Mart is a huge retailer, but retailers do not want to decide what to sell and where to sit.

Although major social media platforms have a large market share, they are not a real monopoly because there are no restrictions on potential competitors. Just because Facebook is ubiquitous doesn’t mean it’s always something that every Mizpez lover says.

Trump and his associates are exempt from legal liability for posting such comments, as high-tech companies are protected under Section 230 of the Communications Act. Claims

I think this right is just as important as the establishment of an LLC that protects all businesses or the federal government that protects religious institutions from taxes and various regulations. In fact, the removal of Section 230 would make technology companies even angrier (or unwilling to modernize and turn the platform into a sewer), but that is another matter.

“Benefiting from federal law will not turn anyone against the federal government,” Brian Physpatrick, a professor at the Vanderbit School of Law, told the Washington Post. We are all benefiting from the law at some point, but that does not turn us into a federal government. that’s right.

“Big Tech is illegally represented in the US government censorship department,” Trump said. He urged federal agencies to remove Facebook posts that it said were sensitive to information.

Trump’s technology allegations are interesting and dangerous – San Bernardino and Son Source Link Trump’s technology allegations are effective and dangerous – San Bernardino

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