Trimble and CAMPUS set up SURSEE Tribe Technology Lab

The Trimble Technology Laboratory will be built under the leadership of the Center and will specialize in training and research in the areas of engineering, construction and sustainability. The laboratory brings together a variety of professionals, including construction machinery operators, Formats, construction managers and general managers, to access state-of-the-art technologies throughout the construction process. Switzerland The dual education system combined scholars with direct, hands-on vocational training, enabling laboratory skills to be applied on the construction site. The Technology Laboratory offers a wide range of courses for experienced professionals seeking additional skills. Professionals trained at CAMPUS SURSEE are authorized to play key roles in their companies and to implement digital technologies widely. The Trimble Technology Laboratory was developed with the support of the MEB team, SITECH, a Swiss retailer.® Switzerland AG, BuildingPoint ™ Switzerland AG and ALLNAV AG.

“This new Trimble Technology Lab, in partnership with the MBB team, is unique in its purpose, focusing on supporting current industry professionals in critical capabilities. Switzerland” there is Allison McDufeDirector of Education and External Supply at Trimble. “With such connections, Trimble Education and Distribution Programs are designed to support not only construction professionals but also existing professionals. The CAMPUS SURSEE Lab is a place where construction industry professionals can further their education and gain valuable experience in emerging technologies. Higher education institutions are at the forefront of this forum and are a model for others to follow.

“We are confident that digital skills will continue to grow in the construction industry. With the support of the new Trimble Technology Lab, we will be able to equip professionals at all levels and levels with their digital skills to prepare for their professional challenges,” he said. Thomas StockerWe are excited about the integrated collaboration with Trimble and the MEB team at CAMPUS SURSEE Managing Director Switzerland. The lab is already ahead of the long-term collaboration between the MEB team and CAMPUS SURSEE. In the new laboratory, CAMPUS SURSEE will also be a prominent training partner.

“With the Trimble Technology Lab, CAMPUS SURSEE can provide construction professionals with the digital building materials they need today and in the future,” said the CEO of the MB team. Marcus Brown. “The MBB team, along with experts from SITECH, BuildingPoint and ALLNAV, provides practical guidance in the technology laboratory. Trimble, MEB Group and CAMPUS SURSEE are making a significant contribution to the successful digital digitalization of the Swiss construction industry.”

The lab includes a wide range of Trimble’s industry-leading technologies such as the Trimble® XR10 and HoloLens 2. GNS receivers, controllers and tablets; Robot, universal and scan total stations; Laser scanners; Trimble Earthworks Standardization Forum for excavators and compactors and Trimble Road Works floor control platform for compactrs. Advanced software solutions include RealWorx® Scanning Software, Trimble Field Link Office, Trimble Business Center, Tekla® Structures, Tekla Model Sharing, Tekla Structural Design Suite, Trimble Connect® and more. Trimble Quadri Trimble Siteworks, Tilos TrimbleTrimble WorksOS and SketchUp Pro, the company’s most popular 3D modeling software.

Trimble wide Connected construction The portfolio allows all professionals in the project life cycle to accelerate project processes – improve productivity, quality, transparency, security and sustainability, as well as reduce waste.


Since 1972, CAMPUS SURSEE has been providing training in construction businesses, as well as career-oriented courses and advanced vocational training. CAMPUS SURSEE is a leading vocational training institute in 15,000 participants each year with over 1,000 different training and further education courses. Switzerland. It has successfully completed the federal examinations and trained professional participants to achieve excellence among the training institutes. Crane and construction machine operators use high quality training and continuous training. In particular, about 500 training coaches trained in CAMPUS SURSEE courses provide direct benefit to the companies.

The impressive infrastructure with 66 training rooms, halls and construction machinery, a gymnasium and 866 beds, as well as 4 restaurants, provides an environment conducive to sustainable and modern training. Visit for more information.

About the MEB team

The MEB Group provides services, solutions, services and support to more than 140 industry professionals, designers, executives, planners, engineers and construction companies, among others. And institutions in the construction and real estate industries in Switzerland and southern Germany. MEB team qualifications include construction and engineering survey, geometry, machine control, building data modeling (BIM) processes and digitalisation. Visit for more information.

About the Trimble

Trimble is an industry technology company that is changing the way the world works by providing solutions to enrich our customers. Major technologies in layout, modeling, communication and data analysis connect the digital and physical world to improve productivity, quality, security, transparency and sustainability. Triple is transforming industries such as agriculture, construction, geospatial, and transportation, from targeted products to corporate lifecycle solutions. For more information on Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB), visit:


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