Tribalism brings emerging technology to language efforts

To celebrate Cequoia and this year’s Cherokee century, the Cherokee became the first Native American ethnic group to use movement and facial technology to preserve and promote the indigenous language.

The Keroke Nation Film Office and the original content, in collaboration with the Tribal Language Program, became known as “Sekoyah – The Voice of the Creator’s Two-Year Inventor.”

“With the help of modern technology and the amazing efforts of our first-language speakers, we will be able to grow the Cherokee language for generations to come,” said Cherokei Junior, chief executive of the Cherokee Nation. ” Over the years, Sequoia’s invention of the Cherokee curriculum has truly improved our people, and today it continues to move forward with new and innovative technologies.

Recorded on the Cherokee Nation’s Kovid Response Virtual Voice platform, the product brings Sichonians to life with real-time graphics and the voice and movements of Cherokee speaker Steve Dowgiti.

“The Cherokee Nation has brought programming, infrastructure and industry leading technologies to Oklahoma,” said Cheroke Nation Film Office Director and Original Content. “The Cherokee Nation’s Kovid Response Virtual Voice platform incorporates unique content creation tools that have never been seen before in India. This virtual product is the first of its kind among ethnic groups and is a great example of how new technology can help preserve and share indigenous languages.

The tribal virtual video product implements a combination of video game engine and motion and face recording technology using motion recorders and headphones to record gestures, facial expressions and language. The information recorded by the live transmission engine was used to create the Sekoya walk and talk digital character.

The product was created using a technology that does not use the same technology for major industrial products such as “Mandalorian” and popular video games such as Fornit.

In 1821, Sequoia, also known as George Gus, or George Gust, introduced the Cherokee curriculum. The renowned Cherokee Empire and linguist invented the first written language among Native American tribes and influenced literary languages ​​around the world.

For more information and to see “Sekoya: The Voice of the Innovator for Biscayne”, visit Photos and video behind the product are also available.


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