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Welcome to Work Week.

The holiday season may be calm this year due to the coronavirus, but the revenue season is the same as before, and this week we will be working hard, especially focusing on tech and banking companies. We will discuss this subject below.

July 2021 became a rocket month. But we are in the last week. This week, after the Millionaires’ fight, it is the turn of the government, and Aryan, backed by the European Union, will return to flight after landing. Success is welcome – European projects have recently struggled to find a place in their space research leaders – and perhaps talk about moving forward with Aryan 6.

In addition to the universe, there are other races. It is a competition for the world to be vaccinated against Covd-19. The first 15m of the 50-meter vaccine ordered by the European Union. If Astrazaneka is not given, he will pay በአንድ 10 per dose if this is not the end of the case, this analysis explains from the time of the court decision.

Simon Stevens will be leaving NHS CEO in the United Kingdom this weekend. Lunch with FT This weekend was a copy of this vision Friday.

Thank you to everyone who emailed me before you read the organization report. – Good comments about the new format ahead of the week. “I admire the individuality and personality,” said Rishide, founder of Lindweus, a graduate lender who says he has been an FT reader since the beginning. Contact me if you want a little more or less.


Coronavirus pays for many dinners this year, but does not move, and is the number one topic of discussion at these indoor meetings. Stay tuned for more on this week’s economic releases and organizational reports.

NS Real Estate Sales Boom is considered one of the brightest places for retail banks in the Northwest and Lloyd. Analysts see an increase in mortgage rates to offset consumer debt and new business loans.

The Spanish banking giant Santander wants to benefit from the improved performance of the UK’s largest mortgage lender, but the growing car market is benefiting the US business. It should help to compensate for the shortcomings of other countries. Expansion of investment banking sectors focusing on traditional retail and business loans.

Earlier this month, Wall Street reported that bank account M and A, private equity earnings, and capital markets were rising sharply. On Wednesday, it was the turn of Barley and Deutsche Bank that the European peers were expected to follow. Both have a “good” epidemic of disruptive markets, which have temporarily calmed down long-running questions about the viability of high-risk “investment banking”.

Credit Switzerland is a sad story. Swiss lenders are in crisis after two consecutive scandals: the $ 5 billion closure of Grisons Capital, which caused $ 5 billion in losses, and the collapse of Arquegos. On Thursday, all eyes were on the new chairman, Antonio Orta Osorio, who was tasked with overcoming the tumultuous 165-year-old bank.

This week’s report is another big theme for technology companies. The latest quarterly revenue clip from Big Tech is an unpleasant reality for regulators around the world who want their wings: Leading American technology companies have seen a strong growth rate over the years. Take advantage of the digital benefits of the epidemic.

Wall Street expects Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Fidel and Facebook to report a total revenue increase of $ 72 billion in the second quarter compared to the previous quarter. This is an amazing 30 percent increase. The 54% increase in sales behind the first 5G iPhone may not be the same as the one in Apple’s first quarter of this year, but it still hides other industries. ..

One of the most notable recent revenue reports is Google and Facebook advertising, which aims to generate 50% revenue, emphasizing the superiority of Internet advertising when accessing all types of businesses, including digital channels.

Economic Information

We have a compact information program that focuses on consumer confidence, home prices and unemployment information. We have detailed information on the impact of the Coronavirus retention mechanism published by HMRC in the UK.

Major Economic and Corporate Reports

Here is a more complete list of what to expect from this week’s corporate reports and economic data:


  • Tesla Q2

  • Q2

  • Heathrow Airport H1

  • LVMH H1

  • Mill Lin L1

  • Phillips Electronics Q2

  • Ryanair Q1

  • Tata Motors Q2

  • Lockheed Martin Q2


  • The U.S. Federal Housing Finance Agency publishes a monthly home price index

  • It will be released to the National Statistics Office in the service of trade figures

  • 3 m no

  • AMD Q2

  • Apple Computer Q3

  • Dassol Systems Q2

  • Deutsche Welle Q2

  • Kroda International H1

  • Letter H1

  • JetBlue Q2

  • Kering H1

  • Mitsubishi Motors Q1


  • Starbucks Q3

  • Telecom Italy No.2

  • What’s new in the Virgin Money Q3 business

  • Vodafone AGM

  • Mattel Q2

  • General Electric Q2

  • UPS Q2

  • Reyton Q2

  • Microsoft Q4

  • Visa Q3


  • Canadian Monthly Consumer Price Index

  • France, see Consumer Confidence

  • Facebook Q2

  • Banco Santander Q2

  • Barclays H1

  • BASF Q2

  • British American Tobacco H1

  • Deutsche Bank Q2

  • Fresnilo H1 Product Report

  • Glassosite Cline Q2

  • ITV H1

  • Human group H1

  • McDonald’s Q2

  • Nissan engine Q1

  • Rio Tinto A1

  • Spotify Q2

  • Vivendi H1

  • OMV Q2

  • Ford Motor Company Q2

  • Pfizer Q2

  • Boeing Q2

  • Bristol Myers Scubb Q2

  • Moody Q2


  • United States, Q2 GDP

  • Germany, monthly unemployment rate

  • UK, HMRC Coronavirus Retirement Plan Statistics

  • Airbus H1

  • Amazon Q2

  • Anglo-American H1

  • Anheiser Bush InBev H1

  • Acelomital H1

  • BAE Systems H1

  • Banco Sabadel Q2

  • BT Group Q1

  • Carrefour H1

  • Cooperative Bank H1

  • Comcast Q2

  • Credit Swiss Q2

  • Daiwa Security Group Q1

  • Danon H.1

  • Diagio year

  • Eneru Q2

  • Ivaraz 2

  • JCDecaux H1

  • Lloyd Banking Group H1

  • MasterCard Q2

  • Medibabanca Q2

  • Merck & Co Q2

  • National Express H1

  • Nestle H1

  • Northrop Grumman Q2

  • Orange H1

  • Panasonic Q1

  • Pinterest Q1

  • Kirikil H1

  • Repsol Q2

  • Royal Dutch She Q Q2

  • St. Gobain H1

  • Samsung Q2

  • Sanofi-Aventis no

  • Schroeder H.1

  • Securitas H1

  • Smith and nephew Q2

  • Finger and Light AGM

  • Telefonica H1

  • Hershey Company Q2

  • Total second quarter

  • Velia H.1

  • Volkswagen H1


  • It erodes the estimates of the EU and the euro zone inflation

  • EU, Euro Zone Unemployment Information

  • Japan, the cost of industrial production

  • UK, National Monthly Home Price Information

  • Canada, monthly GDP

  • Air France-KLMH1

  • Banco Bilbao Visa Argentina (BBVA) Q2

  • Berkshire Hatawai Q2

  • BNP Paribas Q2

  • Caterpillar Q2

  • Chevron Q2

  • Leave Colgate-Palmo Q2

  • Engie Q2

  • Eni Q2

  • ExxonMobil Q2

  • Glencor H1 Product Report

  • Hermes H1

  • International Airlines Group (IAG) H1

  • LafargeHolcim H1

  • Mazda Q.1

  • NightH.H1

  • Numera Q1

  • Pearson H.1

  • Proctor and Gamble Q4

  • Renault Q2

  • Ureditred H1

World events

Finally, we give you an overview of the highlights of the week.



  • The EU will start Area 5

  • The long list of UK Booker Awards has been announced

  • Wellwood Horse Racing in the UK kicks off at Goodwood near Chicago

  • 45th World Baggage Championship Monaco




  • The U.S. House of Representatives is due to convene in the summer

  • First night at The Proms, UK

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