Top Five Retail Technology News Stories of the Week – Retail Technology Innovation Center

3. Amazon seems to be closing in on Bitcoin acceptance rumors

Amazon has denied media reports that the e-commerce giant wanted to accept Bitcoin payments by the end of the year.

An unnamed source in Amazon told CMM:

How this Amazon works is a complete, well-discussed future strategy.

“The direction comes from above,” said Jeff Bessos.

In addition, the report states that Amazon is exploring its own Cryptocurrency innovation, possibly in early 2022.

A spokesman for Amazon told RTIH: “Despite our interest in space, speculation about some of our plans for cryptocurrencies is not true.

We focus on examining what this looks like for our customers.

4. The McDonald’s Customer Experience Group adjusts to the digital age

Under the leadership of Manu Stephart, MacDonald announced the creation of a new customer experience team that integrates data analysis, digital customer engagement, global marketing and global restaurant development and restaurant solutions teams.

5. Walmar seems to be selling the technologies to other retailers

Walmart is launching many of its own Omnellel technologies and capabilities to other businesses and brands.

As part of this effort, it has announced a partnership with Adobe to integrate the marketplace, online and in-store supplement and pickup technologies with Adobe.

“We have developed new capabilities to serve the growing needs of our customers, and we have a unique opportunity to help other businesses do the same,” said John Funner, Walmart America CEO.

Considering our technologies and capabilities will help us return to our customer value proposition.

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