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September 24, 2021

The United Kingdom has announced the introduction of transformer protection technology that will improve the business capacity of integrated power plants by providing higher performance than flexible magnet systems. He said the results of recent experiments confirm a revolutionary approach to increase the high resistance to high temperature (HTS) magnets for plasma interruptions.

High-Temperature-Control Magnet Testing (Image Tokama Energy)

Tomak fusion processors use plasma capture and isolation magnets to reach the maximum temperature at which fusion occurs. Large magnetic fields are required for high-temperature fuel to be lit, and high magnetic fields enable low-voltage torque. High-temperature superconductors are essential for commercial integration because they can create these very strong magnetic fields.

According to UK-based Toxmack Energy Oxford, the new technology, known as “partial coverage”, allows magnets to operate and operate at a higher power output and provide a simpler alternative to traditional magnetic protection systems.

“For the first time, this latest experiment provides an excellent new design option for magnetic resilience,” said Chris Kelsal, CEO of Tomak Energy. . “The world needs clean, safe, cheap and internationally powered energy, and the growing magnets of Tokamak Energy will enable this future. Tomak Energy Two of the world’s leading technologies – globular tokamak and HTS magnets – are central to the company’s mission. Develop economic integration in small power plants.

Tokamak Energy – developed from the Calham to Fashion Energy Center in Oxford, is currently developing a new test facility and display system with a full set of magnets. This checks the interaction of all HTS magnets and verifies its use for the first time in the entire Tokamak system. The new magnet system is scheduled to be tested in 2022.

The company, in collaboration with the European nuclear research firm CERN, is developing proprietary technology that measures the magnets needed for electric power modules on HTS magnets. HTS magnets also have applications for particle filters, aerospace and many other industrial sectors.

“This amazing semiconductor technology opens a new boundary in magnetic technology. The novel technology we have developed for our global tokama allows it to be used in a wide range of applications that require high-density HTS magnets,” he said. Robert Slade, director of advanced technology applications at Tomak Energy.

Tokakak Energy has developed the ST-40 compact spherical tokamak. ST-40 is about seven times the temperature needed to operate at a plasma temperature of more than 100 million degrees Celsius – by 2021. This will be key, he said. An important milestone in trade integration and the first privately funded integration module to reach this historic place globally.

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