To use StarLeaf Meeami’s MVNS AI noise cancellation technology

San Jose, California, August 21, 2021 (PRNewswire-PRWeb) – Meami Technologies, a pioneer and leader in voice recognition, noise cancellation, speaker identification and audio analysis software today announced the launch of MayMNVS noise cancellation products for StarLeaf meeting and StarLeaf class services. StarLeaf is a leading messenger, meetings and caller and recognized as a visionary in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Meetings Solutions.

Meami has been a pioneer and leader in speech improvement solutions for over 20 years. Meeami’s MVNS (proprietary noise repression) uses a proprietary edge AI learning network to identify and amplify a wide range of noises, including background noise typically from home and office environments, telephone centers, automotive driving, and outdoors. Speech Improvement Solutions is engaged in and powered by over 30+ million devices and users.

Meami noise cancellation technology is available on PC / Mac computers as additional driver software or on video or video devices running on the CPU, arm cords or DSPs. Meeami provides AI audio enhancement CDs for call centers, enterprise businesses and consumers for audio and video conference products.

“We are thrilled to see StarLeaf use Meeami’s MVNS advanced noise cancellation products. We are proud to be working with them for some time and seeing the fruits of our partnership.” Pancake Josie , Head of Production at Miami Technologies.

“Audio quality is very important for Starliff and our customers. After a strong test of all the major technologies in space, we have selected MAAMI as our best partner to meet our needs. The Mami solution is embedded in our video conferencing technology. Kevin Bernice, Chief Product Officer, StarLeaf.

About Meeami Technologies

Meeami Technologies is a leader in audio AI, noise cancellation, speaker recognition and other audio analysis technologies. Meeami has granted over 75+ patents to these audio AI and analytics technologies. Meami, a pioneer with more than 20+ years of experience in voice solutions, is a former media processing and real-time communications team leader in virtual technologies, IP communications and voice IoT technology platforms, video and messaging applications. Visit to see how Meeami helps leading original product makers, ICC, call centers and service providers with embedded software, mobile apps and end-to-end communication solutions.

About StarLeaf

StarLeaf enables seamless collaboration with intelligent engineers, reliable meeting room systems, advanced video conferencing and secure messaging. Designed and designed by StarLeaf, the experience is intuitive and rich in features, which allow for overall interaction across all devices. Starliff provides 99.999% up-to-date security, strong security, IEC 27001 certification and data authority control for future certification connections. A.D. Established in 2008 in Cambridge, StarLeaf is a leading provider of conference solutions for service, security and organization. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @StarLeafCo and LinkedIn.

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