To replace the RV300, the RV1 electric bike will begin production in early 2022: Technology News, First Post – Ohio News Time

Revolt Motors announces the launch of the new Revolt RV1 next year. Founded by Rahel Sharma, co-founder of Micromax, the company initially launched two models, the RV300 and the RV400. The low-end (and more affordable) Revolt RV300 has not been sold for some time, and the company is selling it only by laser. Revolt RV400 We are working on a very small back record. In a recent exchange, the company In early 2022, a new entry-level Revolt electric bicycle to replace the RV300 will be launched in early 2022.

“Finally, we identify the RV300 model. Instead, we will introduce the new model RV1 at a lower price. Angel Ratan, business chair at Rand India Enterprises, said this would be a completely new model. Mentioned Ratan In April 2021, it acquired a 43% stake in revolving motors in 15 billion rubles. Retain added that the Revolt RV1 is manufactured locally and manufactured in India and has been in production since January.

Revolt RV1 Available in early 2022. Image-Revolt Motors

By December of this year, our products will be fully manufactured in India. “We have imported parts from China but now we are focusing on all the supplies from India,” Ratan added. I did.

Linn On July 25, Revolt Motors announced that it would take full stock of the current Revolt RV300 model with the goal of fully turning on your Domino Pizza truck. The dominoes get a specially designed revolver motorcycle for delivery purposes. This means that the RV300 is more likely to return on sale, and that RV400 is only available for RV400 until the RV400.

With the increase in FAME-II subsidies, the price of the Revolt RV400 has dropped to 12,000 reais. Image-Violence Motors

Retan said the demand for revolver motors has increased and that it has been forced to suspend bicycles several times in the past two months, with the company planning to produce 50,000 rolls a year over the next five years. They said.

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To replace the RV300, the RVV ARV1 electric bike will begin production in early 2022: Technology News, First Post

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