Thomas Global Pioneer unveils wheelchair display technology

Irvine, California and Sydney – (Business wire– Thomas Global Systems unveiled its innovative patent-pending vehicle pole display technology at the 2021 Vehicle Display and Interface Annual Symposium and Expo in Detroit, Michigan.

Thomas Global’s new VPDS system significantly improves safety by making vehicle A-pillars invisible to view vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and more.

Thomas Global VPDS technology is the first to secretly generate real depth and expand common blind spots with the outside, rejecting common light sources. VPDS has a significant advantage over older blind beam solutions, which do not address the difference between the display and the outside, require complex head or eye monitoring, or are unable to prevent the display from being flooded by light sources such as sunlight or headlights. .

“Thomas Global is proud to introduce VPDS technology for the first time in our industry. We are delighted with the positive response from Thomas Global, Chairman of Thomas Global,” VPDS will expand our trusted display technology to the roadside market, and continue to contribute to safety.

Featuring innovative applied optical solutions, VPDS includes dynamic content, ultra-focused, solar display technology with two external mounted cameras with A-Pillar displays on each side of the vehicle.

The expansion of e-pillars to accommodate airbags and strengthen passenger cabinets has expanded the area of ​​E-pilar blind space over time. A VPDS built into the vehicle’s axles gives the driver a seamless view, eliminating the blind spot that contributes to the collision without interfering with air bag expansion.

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Thomas Global Systems designs, manufactures and supports high-tech and reliable electronic systems solutions for commercial aviation, defense and other high-quality transportation applications. For over 65 years, Thomas Global has grown by providing loyal, innovative and value-added products and services to customers. The company specializes in aviation, armored vehicle electronics and special mission-critical electronics and training systems. Thomas Global operates high technology R&D, advanced manufacturing and support facilities in Sydney, Australia and Irvin, California.

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