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(Center Square) – COVID-19 epidemic technology has made Ohio a leader in people’s lives. The policy group has published more than 20 recommendations to make the region a leader. Region.

The Columbus-based bookstore has created a list of policies ranging from information sharing to reducing government bureaucracy. He said they will all generate economic benefits and improve the quality of life of the people of Ohio.

Economic Policy Analyst and Report at the Buke Institute Institute for Economic Research. Unfortunately, Ohio’s pinnacle technology control system is lagging behind other states, and state policymakers must adopt healthy regulatory and tax reforms to drive the growth of emerging technologies. By doing so, policymakers can help Ohio compete at home and abroad, create jobs, attract new citizens, and improve the quality of life for families across the state. “

The report states that state governments provide transparent and collective data collection between states, reduce bureaucracy, and issue government regulations that restrict trade and entrepreneurship. Encouraging.

” We also have a list of recommendations.

“There are many opportunities to improve Ohio’s new technology policies. For example, companies in other states have already built “control boxes” to test new technologies under control. Authorities can create rules for a variety of uses. Ohio was not, “Singers wrote in the report.

The General Assembly is working on a government trade regulation, and a survey ranked it among the five worst states in the country. Behind California and New York alone, Ohio is the most restrictive.

Earlier this year, the Senate passed Senate Bill 9. Reduce by 30% the rules by 2024, open online portals to make it easier for bureaucracy regulators, accounting regulators, capitalization, business rules and restrictions to follow inventory rules, and make it accessible and allow the Ohio General Assembly Joint Committee. To entertain the rating requirements of Agency Regulations.

Members of parliament are supported by organizations such as the National Federation of Independent Businesses, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, and the Buccaneer Institute.

The law remains with the Council’s oversight committee.

Think tanks offer changes to Ohio’s emerging technology policy: The News-Herald

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