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When it comes to technology in the UK, Scotland has strengthened as a leading technology destination. Although there are many power-hungry technology companies throughout Scotland, these are mostly located in four major cities, such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Danden. Aberdeen-based BrewDog is one of the region’s most successful stories and the country’s only active Unicon, as well as another name that has made a significant contribution to Skiskaner’s growing technology scene.

To date, the region has more than 2,000 power-hungry businesses, more than 30 percent of which are technology companies. In the Scottish technology sector, there are large-scale technology companies that use artificial intelligence. Other emerging sectors in the country include Digital Health, Fintech, EDEC, IOT and Digital Security.

At UKTN today we list some of the leading Scottish startups in the fast-growing industry, including Speech, Cyber ​​Security and more. Check out these rich startups here from Scotland.

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Founder: Christian Arno

Founded year: 2019

Financial support – £ 422k

In the world we live in, the carbon output tracking company aims to help everyone measure, understand, and reduce their carbon footprint. It is the first eco companion device that covers all aspects of life, such as home, work, and more. In the midst of the epidemic, there was a huge demand for the device online, and business grew by 2020.

In November last year, the Edinburgh eco technology business raised 7 427,000 from 241 investors at Crowdcube. In less than a week, he set his ከ 400,000 target. The company aims to make a global impact and plans to increase its production.

Image credits: Skyrora


Founder Volomiir Levikin

Year of Establishment – 2017

Financial support – £ 39

The space industry has seen a revolution in recent years as companies develop innovative technologies. One such company is the Edinburgh-based Skyrora, which designs, manufactures and deploys rocket launchers to help small satellites enter space. In March 2021, the company, which is developing launch vehicle technology to boost space production, received 2.5 2.5 million from the European Space Agency (ISA).

Speech therapy
Image Credits – Talking Medications

Speech therapy

Founders: Elizabeth Fairley, Joe Halliday, Scott Cray

Year of Establishment – 2013

Financial support – £ 2

Glasgow-based Talking Medicines is headquartered in the Glasgow Pharmaceutical Industry Intelligence Company. Using a variety of data collection tools, the company’s AI platform supports companies by transforming patient feedback into practical pharmacy.

In November 2020, Tolking Drugs received 1 1.1 million in funding from Tern Plc, in addition to the Scottish Investment Bank. The company has announced that it will use the money to launch a new AI platform and hire new staff for the data technology team.

Smart development solutions
Image compliments – smart development solutions

Smart development solutions

Founder Dave Scott, Henry Acroid

Year of Establishment – 2013

Financial support – 7m

As the world’s population grows and wealth grows, so does the need for food. Dandi-based in-house aggregate intelligence development solutions is a specialist in the development of vertical towers for food production and production in urban areas. A.D. In 2018, Scotland will be the first to produce straight crops, controlling factors such as airflow, lighting, and temperature, allowing producers to grow crops all year round.

In September 2019, Intelligent Development Solutions received እንደ 1.6 million for a series of funding for Agri-Investor Osprey Agence-led Agrandor. The round was designed to help expand the market for agricultural products.

Image compliments – cunning


Founders Adrian Wills, Paul Reid, Ross Demster

Year of establishment: 2018

Financial support – 1.2 M 1.2

The outside of Edinburgh-based craft allows organizations to build better jobs by sending feedback to help their management and HR make sure their employees are happy with their work. His HR software helps businesses with employee engagement. It began when the industry began to realize the importance of fostering a positive work culture. Back in 2019, he raised ሚሊዮን 1 million from a round of racial support from angelic investors.

Cyan Forensics
Image Credits -Sian Fornix

Cyan Forensics

Founders: Bruce Ramsey, Ian Stevenson

Year of Establishment – 2016

Financial support – 9. M 9.1

Cybercrime, such as cyberbullying, misinformation, and so on, have serious consequences. This is where Napier University’s Cian Forensics plays, as it creates new technologies that enable law enforcement and social media companies to access and block harmful online content.

In Edinburgh, the technology start-up in March of this year received 8 5.8 million (approximately £ million) in funding from Par Equity, a joint venture with partnership with existing investors Mercia, Triple Point, CIS Ventures, Scottish Enterprise and the MacLode family. The investment will accelerate the company’s ambitious global growth plans over the next two years.

no way
Image compliments – on demand

no way

Founder: Ryan Orok

Year of Establishment – 2012

Financial support – 720 kg

Flavourly launches food and beer packages from Edinburgh, a monthly food and beer package from suppliers to subscribers. The subscription club specializes in desserts such as chili popcorn and bacon jam.

Earlier this year, Flavor raised £ 515K at Crowdcube for the Equal Gathering. In particular, the initial target of the business was ሺ 300,000, but it received interest from 339 investors who helped it gain more than 65 percent of its target.

Celtic Renewers
Image Credits-Celtic Renewers

Celtic Renewers

Founder Martin Tangney

Year of Establishment – 2012

Financial support – £ M 15M

Edinburgh-based biotech company Celtic Reconstruction is the first company to produce biofuels from Scottish whiskey. The company developed the technology at an industrial level and has the ability to burn cars in Belgium. The BIBPAN is testing its biobuthanol technology at the Bio-Base European Pilot Factory (BPP) in Gandhi, Belgium.

In October 2020, Celtic innovators announced the launch of a ሚሊዮን 25 million Crowdcube fundraiser. This is one of the largest investments in SME in Scotland. In less than 24 hours, he reached his first goal of 75 1.75 million.

Frog systems
Image Credits -Frog systems

Frog systems

Founder: Phil Worms

Year of Establishment – 2014

Financial support – £ 600k

During the epidemic, good technology companies saw strong performance. This trend is set to continue until 2021. One of the companies that has grown in this area is Glasgow-based Frog Systems, a digital mental health and safety startup that uses video to send messages of hope and signal support to people in need.

In February of this year, Frog Systems received a የገንዘብ 500K grant from several blue chip investors. With the participation of existing investors and four new investors, including Sir Rod Aldridge, chairman and former chairman of the Aldridge Foundation and founder of Capita Group. The company plans to use the money to hire new employees over the next 12 months.

Build a Rocket Son (1)
Image Credits – Build a Rocket Boy

Build a rocket boy

Founder: Leslie Benzis

Year of Establishment – 2016

Financial support: NA

Build Edinburgh-based Rocket Boy is a video game developer that is developing a new online game called Everywhere. The company is a subsidiary of Galaxy Interactive and existing investors NetEase Capital, eWTP Innovation Fund, and Creative Arts Agency.

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