These Apple accessories can transform your iPhone, iPad experience

IPhones and iPads are known for their sleek design, reliable performance and Apple’s robust yet flawless ecosystem. However, another benefit that comes with buying an Apple device (often overlooked) is strong support for devices. Although we omit third-party accessories from the formula, Apple is known for its accessories aimed at increasing productivity, the latest example being the new push-ups.

Turning attention to these devices is often the least expensive but almost always the most convenient to use, here are seven Apple accessories you can find right now.

MagSafe Charger (Rs 4,500)

MagSafe Charger

Apple’s return to MagSafe is one of the best things that will happen with the iPhone 12 series and its upcoming phones. This allows you to use several Magsafe Charger accessories, including the MagSafe Charger and MagSafe Wallet.

AirTags (3,190 rubles)

Apple AirTags are great if you are one of those people who forget things everywhere or want to keep track of things like backpacks and purses. That’s where Apple Air Patience comes in. NFC-based trackers can be attached to your wallets and other assets and then you can keep track of their phones. You can read more about how AirTags works here.

Apple EarPods from Lightning Port (1,900 rubles)

Apple, Apple EarPods with Lightning connector

While wireless headphones are definitely controlled, Apple was the first to blame, and we still can’t ignore the importance of wireless headphones today. Although smart, wired headphones have a place in the body of fans and players who don’t want to be charged to fill another device every time they need it.

Apple Remote Control for Apple TV (1,700 rubles)

Apple, Apple remote control

If you own an Apple TV device, Apple should have the distance, and the good news is that you can always make a profit from Apple even if you lose or break what came with your device.

Apple USB-C Power Adapter (1,900 rubles)

Apple, Apple Charger

If you bought any new Apple phones or received them as a gift just to realize that you need a new charger adapter, then the first Apple USB-C adapter is your best bet. The first charger is safe to use with iPhones and also guarantees the best charging speed.

Apple Keyboards (from 15,900 rubles)

Apple, Apple keyboard

If you have an iPad at home for your tablet choice, the Apple Smart Keyboard could be a gaming accessory. The smart keyboard can greatly improve your typing experience and look good in design. There is a magic keyboard that comes with that floating design and built-in touchpad.

Beating Flexible Wireless Headphones (from 3,999 rubles)

Apple, Flex Neckband beats headphones

We know that Beats Flex wireless headphones may not look like an official Apple product, but if you consider that Apple owns the company, you should get the same quality. They are a great option to watch if you want earphones in your ear without the hassle of having real wireless headphones.


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