The White House debate exposes Facebook blindness to misinformation

“The fact that we are not providing resources to combat code misuse and to support vaccine production is unfounded,” said Danny Lever, a Facebook spokesman. False information about vaccines There is no standard definition and we will focus on the potential consequences of receiving both vaccinated and fake content (often shared by major media outlets) – measuring whether people using Facebook are receiving CV-19 vaccines. ”

According to Facebook executives, including CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the company has promised to eliminate Covid-19 misinformation since the outbreak. The company says it has removed more than 18 million copies of CVD-19 inaccuracies since the outbreak.

False experts say that the number of pieces removed by Facebook is not an indication of the amount of information uploaded to the site or the location of groups and pages that see the spread of false information.

Content Rating and Content Enhancement should open the black box that is architecture. Take that black box and open it for audit by independent researchers and the government, ”said the CEO of the Non-Profit Digital Hate Center, which aims to fight information. We do not know how many Americans have been misinformed.

Ahmed’s team used official information from Facebook-owned Crow Tangle to confirm that 65 percent of the Covid-19 misinformation on Facebook was attributed to 12 people. The White House repeated that number last week, including Mr. Beden. He said Facebook disagreed with the “dozens of” information, saying some of its pages and accounts had been removed, while others would no longer post content that violated Facebook rules.

René Diesta, a data analyst at Stanford’s Internet Observatory, called on Facebook to release more data, which would allow experts to understand how false claims about the vaccine are affecting certain communities in the country. The so-called “spread information” basically refers to the wide range of narratives that the percentage of people in a community saw in the service.

“The reason for the need for more grain distribution information is that false claims are not distributed equally to all audiences,” she said. Civil society organizations and researchers need a better understanding of what is going on in those groups in order to effectively prevent the specific lies that communities are facing.

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