The Warbord vortex combines the new technology with historic aircraft

NAMPA, Idaho – The Warberd Museum hosted the 19th edition of the Warbird Roundup this weekend as aviation fans were treated to a variety of aircraft at the NPA Municipal Airport.

The new f-35 and Boeing SSG Paxton McCamish will work on these aircraft, providing electrical and computer maintenance to make pilots more effective during flight.

“The F-35 is the latest and greatest.

We encountered aviation photographers from World War II planes, and many people stood outside the fence on the high-altitude runway.

“I admire that these things were built about 80-90 years ago and are still beautiful,” said Len Abshire, who paused for a moment to take pictures. There are not many places in the country that are close to floating.

It is one of the largest fundraisers for the Warwick Museum in Afghanistan, following the deaths of 13 service members in Afghanistan.

“This is a tragedy, so this weekend is meant to bring light and love to our country and to everyone here, and especially to men like you and our patriots.”
The Warwick Museum has Sue Su Paul.

Click here to listen to Christine “Beo” Wolf’s F-35 pilot in his Paul Podcast.

And for SSG Makamish, it was a special return home when he was able to share what he was doing with his family.

“We are here to inspire the future, but we also want to celebrate the past and remember all the air forces that have come before us,” Makamish said. “I love the Air Force. The Air Force is truly wonderful and a blessing. This is one of the greatest decisions of my life.”

The keynote speaker for the 19th annual Warbard was Colonel Bud Anderson, the pilot of World War II.


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