The VITA program includes real-world tax preparation experience for accounting students

VITA students work with clients at Fredonia Technology Incubator.

Counseling for state and federal income tax return is available in person at SUNY Friedonia accounting students who are planning a VITA for local residents.

Even in remote sessions a year ago to meet the limits of the cholera epidemic, the program – typically by junior and accounting professionals or public accountants – still produced impressive numbers in 2021. More than $ 440,000 in federal refunds for local taxpayers.

In-person will be hosted by Fredonia Technology Incubator, 214 Central Avenue, Dunkirk, Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and on Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. And seven volunteer tax collectors.

“During this time, our taxpayers are in direct contact with taxpayers, completing tax returns, and the site coordinators are ready to answer any questions and verify the authors’ work. Shep’s financial chief from Buffalo.

The 42-year-old program in Fredonia is benefiting not only taxpayers but also students from 80 to 120 hours each in the same two months of service.

“By working on real tax returns, students gain confidence in the tax process and regulations, which makes taxing a much less daunting topic. .

It is also found in students who have the confidence to discuss financial matters and to answer common questions about the federal and state tax codes. Coordinators can also improve their research, problem solving, and professional skills by identifying the most difficult tax problems and rare documents that taxpayers bring to their consultation.

Opportunity to gain leadership skills and confidence in leadership roles attracted Jamston, senior public accountant, Portia Macrimon, to the program as site coordinator.

“The VITA program provides real-world experience in tax accounting,” she added. We are working with real people and sensitive information instead of reading textbooks. I would like to see how the principles we learn in class relate to our situation in VITA.

His desire to work as a taxpayer and his initial credit earned Zacharias Paulicin a VITA program and he stayed for another two years.

“Considering I want to get involved in personal tax matters, I say this is a great experience for me to look at, prepare and approve tax returns. Working with tax is a great way to understand what is ‘under the tax machine,'” said Rochester Junior Business Administration and others. Mr. Paullyki, the station’s coordinator, said.

Learning to identify those who are competent and those who are not.

Paulicki’s job interests include managing his own tax company that serves artists and learning the tax code of other countries to expand his reach.

Joshua Paris, who sometimes works as a site coordinator and taxpayer, believes that this experience will be very useful in his work. “I am gaining direct experience in working with clients and preparing tax returns, which is to become a relevant CPA for my future work and to do the right job in one company,” said Mr. Paris, Senior Public Accounting and Business Administration Financial Chief, Minorities in Economics. , From Buffalo.

“I am gaining direct experience in working with clients and preparing tax returns, working in a company to become a relevant CPA for my future work and doing that right.” – High Joshua Paris

Paris, who joined the program to gain real-world tax preparation experience, as well as taxpayers who are unable to hire taxpayers, plans to join the CPA and work for CPA certification.

Students say they have had a good experience with VITA, Shap points out, and many will love the experience and will return in the coming years. They relinquished these practices, relying more on their knowledge and abilities.

Similarly, most clients are grateful for the help they receive. Although the Fredonia VITA site is not the only game in town, many return year after year, Shepp reported.

“There are many different VITA stations in the area, many of them are more experienced volunteers and retired accountants, but our program fills up quickly every year,” he said. “Our customers are eager to work with us;

That friendly and positive spirit has enriched the area of ​​Fredonia, which the students offer every year, and has attracted many satisfied taxpayers.

“It’s a very positive experience on both sides of the table.” Shep said.

Students benefit by developing community relationships. “By allowing students to use their skills in a positive way, the VITA program will help students start a professional community service system that will help them move in their careers,” Shepp said.

Face-to-face appointments require immunization confirmation, and can be made by calling 211 and requesting an appointment with VITA. There are still services for those who are unable to communicate their immunization status remotely. 211 Operators guide their customers to decide when to drop documents. Appointments are necessary to receive tax services. There will be no hiking this year.

VITA service through SUNY Friedonia will be available until April 9.

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