The United States wants South Korea to boost its battery technology.

Seoul, South Korea and San Jose, California – (Business Wire–GreenGen, South Korea’s head office, is expanding its lithium-ion rechargeable battery and battery management systems in the US. Launch. Greener works internationally with operations in Asia, North America and Europe.

Grinergy is still committed to solving challenges such as lithium-ion technology.

  • The need to increase battery power

  • Allowing rates to be filled as fast as possible today

  • Improve battery-cooled performance (some studies show a reduction of up to 40 percent in extreme cold)

  • Increase safety by reducing fire risk

Using proprietary technologies developed by GreenGreen Engineering, Research and Development Teams, the company has developed the following batteries:

  1. They are capable of filling at -30 ° C with minimal capacity and regional reduction.

  2. Charging costs 10 times faster than today’s lithium-ion batteries.

  3. Increased drastically at 400 degrees Celsius without escaping heat Safety.

  4. 3-4 times higher release capacity.

Don Southampton, a leading expert on American Investment Relations and New Business Development, is an expert in South Korea and international business practices. In the past, Southampton has helped American companies and Korean companies enter and expand their global operations.

With the help of growing engineering knowledge and intellectual property rights, Greenhouse’s advanced technology in lithium-ion batteries will enable these battery technologies to be developed in robotics, smart signage, portable power stations and more, ”said Southampton.

Scott Bang, CEO of Greenhouse, added:Globally, North America is one of the key regions for lithium-ion battery development and Grinergy feels it is the next logical step to grow in Asia, where it has multiple companies using our batteries, intellectual property (IP) and engineering knowledge.

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About Grinergy

Greenhouse is a lithium-ion battery technology company based in South Korea, which offers a number of solutions to change the weaknesses in the traditional lithium battery industry. Greenhouse proprietary technology offers amazing security with enhanced charging capability. The company currently has supplies at robotics, smart sign and mobile power distribution facilities, and will expand its supply in the future.

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