The Trump-era special adviser has filed a lawsuit against Democratic ties

Perkins Koye, a law firm with close ties to the Democratic Party, has been a cybersecurity lawyer for 16 years. Sussman’s partner, Mark Elias, was a general adviser to Clinton’s campaign. He left the law firm last month.

The company said in a statement on Thursday that Mr Susman had resigned: Lawyer, and the organization accepted it. ”

The indictment alleges that on September 19, 2016, Mr. Sussman met with FBI attorney James A. Baker to raise concerns about the Internet. Cyber ​​security researchers say a secret link between Trump’s computer network and Russia’s Alpha Bank is evidence.

The allegations against Sussman shed light on Baker’s statement that Mr Susanman was not present at the meeting on behalf of any client – Mr Susman denies this. There were no witnesses to their speech.

Mr Baker later told another FBI official: “It looks like Bill Bristap, the bureau’s top anti-psychologist. “I did not do this to anyone,” said Mr. Baker, Mr. Sussman. (It is not clear whether such notes will be accepted by the court.)

A.D. In 2017, Mr. Sussman swore in Congress that he would represent an unnamed technology executive, and the legal team agreed at the meeting that the executive was his client – but only.

According to the accounts of a local law firm, Mr. Susman was devoting his time to the Alpha Bank campaign, and the charge was against my client. Those records also show that Mr. Susman has been in regular contact with Mr. Elias of Alpha Bank.

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