The top sales woman at Sage became BaCo Tech’s new top sales and strategy manager

Dallas – (Business WireAs the delivery deadline expires, Bako Tech is approaching a new sales season, and we thought there would be no better time to hire a top seller. That is why Terry Edmunds came to the boat this month. Terry sees the power and benefits of Bako Tech, and that’s why she enjoys showing CPAs how to improve their workflow and experience.

Terry is successful and loves to help people grow emotionally, professionally and personally. For the past 10 years, she has spent most of her time in the fin tech industry, supporting accountants with software and technology, driving meaningful business results, and developing creativity. While business development is her number one priority, Terry enjoys spending time with her growing family and giving back to the community.

Terry will speak to our CEO, Ford Baker, on video this week. Explains how Excel has worked with Sage Technology and helped accountants. After a CPA showed her what it means to “throw everything into Excel,” she quickly realized that the answer was not enough.

Terry was introduced to the Baco Tech team at Raphael Casas for some time, and by learning about the technology, she realized that the technology was what Baco Tech CPA had been waiting for. Bako Tech, like other accounting software, not only works with Excel, but also as a midwife that transmits real-time information and automatically sets up regular tasks so that CPAs can focus on their customers.

“You are going to buy this technology. It may not be today, but you are going to buy it. ” – Terry Edmons

Terry Bako Tech saw the value of working and decided to join the full-time Sales and Strategy Manager. We are grateful for boarding her, and we look forward to seeing what she can do for BaCo Tech.

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