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Athletics records at this week’s Olympics were accompanied by spectacular victories.

However, some unusual performances have sparked intense sports debate over the consequences, raising questions about the effectiveness of shoes and the doping controls that athletes wear on their own track.

Tokyo medalists disagree on role of new technologies and changes “Of course that is my training. It doesn’t matter if it’s a track or a shoe, ”said Elaine of Jamaica, who joined Usain Bolt as the only athlete to win gold medals in the 100 and 200 meters at the Olympics. This is Thompson Hera. Her 100-meter victory was the 1988 Olympic record held by Florence Griffith Joiner.

Others, such as US obstacle Dalila Mohammed, agree that a new track at the Tokyo National Stadium has contributed to her success. “As a 400-meter hurdles, I felt very fast because I knew how easy it was to be tolerant,” she asked Silver.

Norway’s Karston Warhol, who won the gold medal in the 400-meter hurdles and broke the world record, “exploded” the list of competing shoes.

In recent years, controversy has arisen over the integration of new regulations and technological advances.

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, Tokyo trucks are made of rubber, which acts as a “string, pushing athletes forward” and wearing “air-filled compartments.”

Norway’s Carlston Warhol wins gold in men’s 400m hurdles ምስሎች David Ramos / Getty Images

Shoe makers are also competing with Nike, the brand that announced the 2016 shoe with carbon fiber boards, and have put sponsor athletes on a world-long track record.

Since then, the same technology has been incorporated into mid-range and spring springs, forcing the governing body to introduce advanced athletics in its shoes.

Looking back on this week’s competition at the top of the stadium, Sebastian Co, president of the World Nature Athletics, said: “My instincts are not trying to innovate.”

“Of course there is balance. We must refrain from allowing designs and materials that turn sports into something we do not really know. [but] I don’t think we have. At this point, we are in the right place. “

In the early stages of preparations for the Tokyo Olympics, before the outbreak was delayed, shoe engineers rushed to compare Nike’s products, sneakers and shoes with VaporFly 4%. Threshold.

According to World Athletics, Nike’s carbon fiber shoes have set world records for more than 20 men’s and women’s track and field races, with the exception of Tokyo since its inception in 2016.

As athletes competed for a place in Tokyo, competing brands supporting professional runners began running quietly in Nike shoes. Swiss shoe company is on I did this for British marathon runner Chris Thompson.

“You may have heard it,” Nike CEO John Dononaho said in a June announcement. .. .. Not only for Nike athletes but also for competitors. “

Once again, the one-year delay in the game brought unpopular benefits to contestants and gave them another year to paint their products.

Core set a world record for the women’s 400-meter hurdles in Worhol and Sydney McLalenlin. Against the idea that Nike has an unfair advantage, they ran with spikes made by Uma Ma and New Balance.

Warhol said he was working with Pama and carmaker Mercedes to “make high-performance shoes”, but had problems with competitors’ sharp edges. After the race, he said, “If you want a pillow, you can put a mattress, but I think putting a trampoline is a bull.”

The controversy over drug abuse has resurfaced in Tokyo. The closure of the epidemic provided logistical swamps with extensive anti-doping control over athletics. In the first round, it was challenging because no one could go anywhere.

Lammont Marcel Jacobs wins from Italian long jump, right, 100m

The Athletic Loyalty Unit, which was set up to administer anti-doping and other sports, entered at least 18 drug tests with 18 athletes from their respective countries last week. He was deemed ineligible because he was not. ..

Ten of them were Nigerian athletes who competed in Tokyo before being declared unqualified. Before returning home, several people, including disco Chioma O’Neill, protested in the Olympic Village. Speak up“We Feel Lost”

He eliminated the 100-meter world champion medals. Christian Coleman ..

In fact, three-time gold medalist Bolt retired from the long jump in Italy, creating such an emptiness in the event of a spectacular 100-meter victory for Lmont Marcel Jacobs.

Qatar's top jumper Mutaz Isa Barsim shares victory over Italy's Gianmarco Tamberi

High jump Qatar Mutaz Isa Barsim (left) and Italy’s Gianmarco Tamberi win share AP

“I’m not polite, but the 100-meter sprint is not a vine,” he said at the Tokyo Forum.

Perhaps the most dramatic change in the rules of the tournament was the clause that allowed Qatar’s top jumper Mutaz Isa Barsim and Italy’s Gianmarco Tamberi to share the money.

“I didn’t even know that, but maybe one of the things that happened before lunch was a change of rules since 2011,” Corey said at a colorful celebration, especially in Italy. After he spoke, he spoke.

He added, “I woke up thinking Salva would complain, but I found out, ‘This is the most emotional thing I’ve seen all year. He was right. “

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