The region received technological support to help with economic recovery

Rural Fork Valley was one of 16 areas in the region to receive technology assistance to help rural communities achieve economic relief, rehabilitation, diversity and long-term resilience.

The Department of Environmental Affairs and the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade announced June 16 that the 16 states were named participants in a $ 2.3 million rural road map rehabilitation program in Colorado. .

“This is what we started with, isn’t it?” Aspen City General Manager Sarah Ot said at a city council meeting on Tuesday. We knew it would take a lot of effort to get out of this situation, and I’m glad we did. ”

Each region is represented by a number of local institutions – for example, Pittkin, Eagle and Garfield counties. The cities of Aspen and Glenwood Springs; Snowland Village, Bastal and Carbondale; North West Colorado Council of Governments; Its business units include Aspen, Bastal, Carbonel and Glowwood Springs; And other bodies.

Roor Fork County has already begun discussions on how to better serve the communities, Ot said.

“From Aspen to Parachute, we have been working together with our regions and our partners on a regional strategy to address common issues,” he said. “This is technical, so it’s not really about making any changes, it’s about making it easier to identify those common areas. I think this is the first step in a regional discussion.

Road Maps Program in Dola, ODI And it is a collaborative effort between the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, according to Dola News. The program is divided into three stages: a curriculum to connect the regional group and assess the current situation of the community; Road map planning and strategic planning; And application relevance. It is expected to create more than 100 jobs and up to $ 50 million in private investment.

“We are very pleased that the 16 regional groups have been identified and are working with them,” said Katrina Papenbruuk, deputy director of rural opportunities at the regional economic development department.

“The economic impact of COVID-19 is felt, especially in rural Colorado, and exacerbates existing challenges for major industries, businesses, and the local workforce. “This subsidy will enable us to align our rural communities with the real resources and programs of ODD and our partners, which will enable them to develop and understand their short-term and long-term economic resilience strategies.”

Other donations include regional groups: Central, Clerk Creek County, Costilla County Economic Development Council, Eagle County, Fraser City, Gunison County, Lemon City, Morgan County, Montezuma, Regional 10 League for Economic Support and Planning, South Central Government Council, Southern Council of Eastern States, Summit Prosperity Initiative TV, Steam Springs City, and North Colorado.

Participants and recipients of the Road Maps Program announced that G / Yared Police Expansion Broadband Service shortly before signing the draft law, similar efforts to provide technical support to the rural community. Earlier in the day, police in Colorado visited Basalt to sign a statement saying they needed to meet.

“We are investing $ 5 million in U.S. funding today to make broadband more accessible to families.”


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