The owner of Andor Technology received a download offer.

Belfast-based specialist camera maker Andor Technology may soon have a new owner.

The parent company has confirmed the acquisition of Oxford Instruments from Spectris London, valued at around 7 1.7 billion.

It will form the FTSE 100 group with a capitalism of around £ 4.5 billion.

The Oxford Equipment Board said it was considering accepting the offer.

Based on Springvalle Business Park in West Belfast, Andor Technology dropped out of Quinn University in 1989.

High-performance scientific digital cameras and imaging systems are used in everything from astronomy to anti-cancer treatments.

A.D. Bought by Oxford Equipment for £ 176 million in 2014, he himself became the first university whirlpool.

A.D. Founded in 1959, the company became the first major business competition at Oxford University.

The company said in a statement: “Discussions between the parties are continuing. Further announcement will be made as needed and on time.”

Spectris also works in the field of precision instruments.

“The combination of Spectrum and Oxford Equipment brings together two very similar businesses and creates a leading player on the right scale,” said Surrey-based team chief executive Andrew Heath.

“Oxford Industries is a leader in innovative, innovative technologies in the field and together with ourselves, it provides significant improved value to customers.

“The Spectris Board believes that our business partnership will provide a stronger future for both companies as a UK champion in the field of high-tech equipment and provide immediate and long-term value to shareholders.”


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