The ouster of CNN Exxes angers prominent staff at a crucial time

By DAVID BAUDER – AP Media Writer

NEW YORK (AP) – CNN CEO Jeff Zucker’s sudden dismissal over work has angered some celebrities about their network.

The company is about to make a corporate ownership change, launch a paid streaming service and replace the popular airline with a declining rating.

It became clear on Thursday that Zucker’s resignation as CNN’s chief of staff nine years later was voluntary.

Zucker said he was going to break corporate policy by not disclosing the nature of his relationship with second-place commander Allison Gollest. However, Warner Media CEO Jason Killer has not been given a choice. AP received an audio recording of that meeting.

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The nature of that meeting, coupled with the fact that Zucker’s departure is a matter of water cooling – former President Donald Trump has issued two statements on this issue – speaks volumes about his extraordinary influence as a media executive.

“He was a man of political ecology, media ecology and CNN,” said Mark Lucaswich, dean of the Hoffstra University School of Communication and former NBC News correspondent for Zucker.

Killer is being questioned by CNN Washington staff. He wondered if Zucker had sought advice from other executives as to why the transition had not been given and whether the anti-Semitism between the two men would play a role in the decision.

“Since these two are willing adults … why is it a burning offense?” White House journalist Kathleen Collins asked.

According to TV presenter Jack Tapper – Chris Kumo – who was fired as a CNN host in December when he personally consulted with his brother New York governor Andrew Kumo – is aware that he has succeeded in intimidating the company. Explain the relationship if he does not pay the settlement fee.

“How can we overcome the notion that this bad guy will win?” Tapper asked at the meeting.

Some of those nominated to temporarily replace Zucker – former CNN executive Michael Bass, Amy Intelis and Ken Jutts – have spoken out about the impact on the organization and said they would follow suit.

“Jeff was more influential than anyone else at this venue, he was certainly more influential than any other executive,” Jaws told CNN founder Ted Turner during a staff meeting.

CNN’s John King Zucker has described the impact of what is being done on air and the fear it does not have.

“He may not agree with every decision,” King said at the meeting. But you know that someone will make a decision, and you will know which way to go. And this company has spent a lot of time without this and those unpleasant moments.

The election of the new leader was finally made by David Zaslav, pending Discovery, Inc. And the merger of WarnerMedia will remain with David Zaslav, the new company leader.

But as CNN prepares to launch a CNN + streaming service this spring, it suddenly loses a point. Zucker, like former Fox News host Chris Wallace, has been recruiting talent, building his character and preparing to inspire the public.

At the Washington meeting, Clarlar said the launch of CNN + was as important as the start of CNN. It is a matter of fact that there are others in the industry who are offering free services in addition to Fox Nation.

CNN has to replace Cumon with the main timer and is in the process of being replaced. Zucker recently approached Gail King for the job before deciding to re-sign with CBS News.

Television network viewing has declined dramatically over the past year. News ratings are always cycles, and the 2020 election record has brought in a lot of people, but there is always the question of when, or if, they will return.

CNN is also embroiled in controversy over what Trump has repeatedly called the network “fake news.” In an interview with Killer, CNN’s Jim Acosta said Zucker was “strongly opposed” and feared that someone else would take similar action.

CNN’s on-air staff, such as Acosta, have been commenting more and more, and that has not always been the case.

“It’s exciting to see that culture transformed under a new leadership,” said Jennifer Thomas, a professor of journalism at Howard University who worked as a CNN producer in the 2000s.

Some, like Thomas, have asked for a restart. One of the most influential cable executives, John Malon, a major shareholder at Discovery, told CNBC in November, “I want to see CNN return to journalism.”

“I see no reason why that should happen,” Lucaswich said. What is even more remarkable is the fact that the release as a news platform with a diverse audience will mean a lot to the industry.

“It’s a difficult time for CNN to get into temporary leadership,” Lucaswich said. But not all such turbulent times end in a negative way.

“Sometimes a change of leadership is not acceptable at the moment, but it can lead to something better,” he said.

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