The Olympic basketball robot could not escape, seen on a half-hour show [VIDEO]

Olympic basketball has recently taken a turn for the worse: heavy gold medalists USA lost to France in their opening match. But of course, Tech Times is not a sports station – it is a technology station. And during that game, it was a limited half-hour show that allowed the tech-savvy internet to talk.

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SATITAMA, Japan – July 25, 20 July 2021 At the Saitama Super Arena at the Cytoman Super Arena, a robotic basketball team will play half an hour in the men’s Group B match between the United States and France between the United States and France.

The show featured a Japanese three-point robot CUE, while USS Today did not miss a single explosion during the conflict, including half a court. Here is a Twitter clip that does that:

CUE fired a free throw 15 yards out, followed by a 3-point shot in the middle of the shot, and finally shot half a courthouse about 45 feet from the basket. All three bullets were nailed, and according to NBC Sports, the team USA may have used its mechanical ability to beat the French team.

But with technology, the basketball robot looks amazing. It may now be one of the many machines designed to respond to human expressions, such as the AI ​​robot Eva.

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Who made the Olympic basketball robot?

The basketball robot is a Toyota product and is basically about 7 feet tall as a professional player. According to the Business Indexer, the machine uses several sensors on its body to record the bullets based on the distance from the basket. He then adjusts his arms to try to sort out what is called a “perfect shot.”

The engineers were proud to first announce that their shooting percentage was one of the best in the world, with Golden State Warriors Stephen Carry. Kerry is one of the best 3-point shooters in the game.

The creators of CUE were so confident that they met two professional Alvarki Tokyo players from the Japanese B League team before entering the city for the Olympics. Here is the video of the robot winning the race (and not soon)

Very limited abilities

But while CUE can shoot better than some professional basketball players at the Olympics, it still has a lot of serious disabilities to play.

For one, he really can’t stay with the athletes himself. The robot works on wheels under its feet, but its movements are not as fast as that of a famous athlete. As a result, he is left behind. Second, according to the official Toyota Dave note, it takes a very long time to prepare the exchange (exactly 15 seconds). Anyone with a cold, long, high jump can easily block the CUE recording, which is of no use to the court.

But in the future, will advanced robotic versions really replace the human athlete? It can’t be. This is because human boats, at least to this day, do not have the best capabilities and the best motor control. For now, machines like the CUE should be limited to things that are easy to shoot, such as basketball or pick up and carry bottles.

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