The new Institutional Transfer Agreement will quickly track future engineering technology graduates

Bloomsburg, Pa. – Students interested in continuing their careers in the evolving field of electronic engineering technology now have an opportunity to pursue a bachelor’s and master’s degree through an agreement between Lehi Carbon Community College (LCCC) and Bloomsburg University.

Unique transfer credits will be received from Vocational and Technical Education Centers, which will provide a seamless access to Lehigh Vocational and Technical Institute, Carbon Vocational and Technical Institute, and Schulkil Technology Center to Bloomberg University.

Students who have applied for dual admission and who have graduated from LCCC with Electrical Engineering Technology and meet the BU Transfer Requirements are guaranteed entry to Bloomsburg with at least a full Junior level. All 68 credits for the EET program will be transferred from the LCCC to the BU program.

“We are thrilled to be working with Lehigh Carbon Community College to create an easy and consistent way for students to transfer to Bloomberg University,” said BU Provost and senior vice president Diana Rogers-Adkinson. “The purpose of this agreement is to provide students with a fast track to success.”

This agreement provides a series of study courses that include a series of technical courses and industry experience from a bachelor’s degree to a bachelor’s degree. Community College graduates can provide quality education at low cost and provide qualified engineering graduates to the region and the region.

Lata Ramakrishna, dean of the College of Science and Technology, said: “We are delighted to have this verbal agreement with LCCC.” Board – Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission).

LCCC students must complete the transfer application by May 1 to enter the next fall semester at BU and enroll in Bloomsburg within one year of graduation. A minimum of 2.0 grade points is required to enter. The Bloombergberg Electronic Engineering Technology Coordinator will meet with the two admissions students to make sure they are on track for the courses and admissions.

Contact BU Admissions Office at (570) 389-4316 or for information on Bloomsburg University transfer program.


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