The new executive team at the company of the top control technology to the next level

EDWARDS, Colo., September 6, 2021 (PRNewswire-PRWeb) – The world’s leader in elevation simulation, ACT, will now have a high-tech executive team with experience in developing and managing technology companies. The team has developed and improved customer service teams, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

“Height control technology has been the best in class solutions over the past 10 years. AT is in the field of science, technology and engineering. High physics and physiology. He developed the unique technology and combined it with engineering capabilities to customize each system for a specific application. Kyle Basset, COO of ACT.

ACT operates both indoor oxygen and scientific elevation systems suitable for both scientific research and improves sleep and high altitude issues. He has more experience and installations than any other company in the field.

“ACT is unmatched in terms of its products, its scientific knowledge and its ability to make a positive impact on its customers. They know they will get high. I look forward to leading us to help more people. ” Bill Sinkler, ACT Executive.

In addition to increasing its leadership position in the residential market, ETA is expanding its position in the hospitality, business and higher education markets, which has long been a leader in simulation. The company is looking forward to developing partnerships with developers, architects and builders to jointly deliver products that improve customer satisfaction. Visit for more information.

About Height Control Technology (ACT)

AHTN designs, develops, and installs custom full oxygen systems to reduce the effects of high blood pressure, improve sleep quality, and improve overall health and well-being. It also installs hypoxic training systems for athletics and research in institutions in the United States and around the world. ACT offers a full range of height simulation options and air separation technology, including PSA technology.

The award-winning height control system is unmatched in accuracy and ability to control the partial pressure of oxygen. It is the leading choice of research institutes around the world, including the ACT Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic, and University of Colorado Heights Research Center, the Borgencht Heights Physiological Research Center at William and Mary, and the American Military Research Institute. ACT, with zero security issues in over 20 years of simulation, is a security leader.

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