The new center will conduct research to improve home health care technology

Bayerler Medical College is one of four sites awarded $ 3 million by the National Science Foundation Industry-University Cooperative Research Center. HealthCare in Place Place to St Center Center HealthCare in Place Place to St Center Center HealthCare in Place Place to St Center Center HealthCare in Place Place to St Center Center Gathers professionals in the industry to inspect, develop, and promote wearable devices that help providers collect patient information without leaving. Other partner institutions for this national center include the University of Arizona, the University of Southern California, and the California Institute of Technology.

According to Dr. Bijan Najafi, Associate Director, Surgeon Professor and Director of Clinical Research at the Department of Arterial Surgery at the Michael E. DeBaki operating room, Bayer’s focus is on accelerating the clinical aspect of the center. Translate patient care into modern technologies that train students and their friends in remote patient care. The center accelerates innovation by developing a trained workforce to enhance security through partnerships, partnerships, resource sharing and self-care technologies.

“Chronic health is expensive, both financially and emotionally,” Najafi said. To encourage patients to play a central role in managing their own health, “urgent action is needed. The center will accelerate the transfer of knowledge and intellectual property between academia and industry through partnerships. This will accelerate the development of new technologies and reduce the cost of health care and improve the quality of life of chronic patients by preventing hospitalization.

Patient information is disseminated to remote medical professionals, setting up a mobile center for at-risk patients in their homes, and personalizing care coordination. The Center focuses on timely management and intervention to mitigate physiological, environmental, and psychological changes.

The center combines surgery, orthopedics, neurology, and psychiatry with over the past three years studying technology to manage suicidal ideation. The mission of the Meninder Clinic is to pursue innovations in mental health arts and science to promote American medicine.

“I’m very happy to be a part of the center’s mental health,” said Dr. Mi Michel Patrick, one of the chief investigators at the Bayler station, the director of Menender Research and an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology and Behavior. Science by Baylor. “The productive disciplinary cooperation of this center renews our approach to mental health. The interest in pre-epidemic mental health was very important, and now it is even greater. The center is on the frontier of innovating the integration of mental health science and services.

It is an exciting collaboration between engineers, scientists and clinics who are innovating to improve the lives of older people, ”said Dr. Anna Andy Nike, Robert J. Luchi, chair of Jeremy Medical Center and professor and pharmacist – pediatrics and pediatrics in Belarus. Using technology to improve the accessibility and appropriateness of clinical treatment, the center is creating a connected home that can improve our diagnosis, reduce injuries, and improve disability.

“This center will give Bayerler researchers and clinics the opportunity to collaborate with some of the country’s top technology companies,” he said. Center for Disease Research, Education and Clinic.

Both Nike and Cunningham also serve as chief investigators at the Bayler station.

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