The most influential dissemination of coronavirus false information online

Over the past decade, Dr. Mercola has worked extensively to promote natural healing, disseminate immunization content, and benefit from it, say researchers who have studied his network. In 2017, it had a net worth of more than $ 100 million.

And instead of saying directly that vaccines do not work, Dr. Merkel’s posts ask serious questions about their safety and discuss studies that other doctors have rejected. Facebook and Twitter have allowed some of the posts to remain tagged, and the companies have struggled to create rules for downloading different posts.

Imran Ahmed, director of the Center for the Prevention of Digital Hate, which studies misinformation and hate speech, said: His Disinformation Dozen report was quoted at congressional hearings and the White House.

In an email, Dr. Mercola said, “It’s very special to me. Some of his Facebook posts were popular with only a few hundred people, so he said:

He described the efforts as “politically motivated” and accused the White House of “censorship with social media companies.”

He did not say whether his coronavirus claims were true. I am the author of a peer-reviewed publication on the dangers of vitamin D and coviv-19, and I have the right to share my medical research with the public. ” He did not identify the publication, and The Times could not confirm the claim.

Dr. Mercola, a native of Chicago, began a small private practice Linn In 1985, he began his career in Chamberlain, Ill., In the 1990s, and opened his main website,, to share his treatments, treatments, and recommendations. The site urges people to “take control of your health.”

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