The modern art cartel pushes the boundaries of art and technology

TORONTO, Canada, August 20, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – What do you get when you mix versatile, contemporary artists from around the world with a mix of technology and art? You will find a modern art cartel. Modern Art Cartel is at the forefront of combining art with technology and has developed the participatory NFT (Mysterious II), the first digital digital artist to create interactive NFT. In addition, its events employ RFID and QR technology to provide immersive, in-person art experiences.

This newly created team of contemporary artists is tasked with helping businesses, developers, interior designers and homeowners create creative spaces through modern art. And, NFTs art design is just one of a collection that will take the world by storm.

Modern Art Cartel seeks artists who push boundaries, concepts, ideas, mediums, technology and talent. They then select and invite those artists to join the modern art cartel. It typically responds to artists through social media, industry events, and references.

After one artist was added to the group, the modern art cartel was produced by many artists – the commercial end of things. He manages all their sales, marketing and operations, so they can focus on doing what they love – creating art.

Artists in the modern art cartel work in a variety of media with a variety of materials and styles. Many of the artists have received major media coverage and numerous awards. In fact, “Art Business News” recently added a modern art cartel to its list of “Top 40 Artists”.

With my longtime friend, Rafael Sasseira, I created the modern art cartel. We did it out of love for the art, ”said Mark de Onoffry, CEO of the modern Art Cartel.

Skasera is an artist and technology entrepreneur, and the two are now working to fix what D-Onoffri calls the “artistic flaws”.

“Every artist has his own style and is focused on changing the art game,” says De Onoffry. We are pushing the boundaries of art through our creations, materials, collaborations and technological innovations and I look forward to the future.

About Modern Art Cartel

The modern art cartel designs, designs, and sells modern art. Collaborates with interior designers, developers, businesses and homeowners to create stunning spaces. Featured on major media outlets such as Bravo, Living Luke and Global News, 205/2022 is sponsored by HGTV Canada’s Platinum Art. He also sells his special art online.

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Caption: “Moves Like a Jagger” Original Pop Art by Rafael Sasseira, co-founder of Modern Art Cartoon.

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