The Mercedes F1 car has taken “a few tricks” from rocket technology

Simmons claims that technology from the Aerospace industry has enabled Mercedes to create the most compact side-by-side packaging system seen in Bahrain on the first day.

Simons, chief engineer of the 2022 Regulations, admits he did not expect such a dramatic interpretation of the rules.

“This is a very new approach,” he said in an interview with F1 TV’s Ted Kravitz.

“I like to see fictional translations. I have to say I don’t expect to see it.

“And I think it will make their opponents go back to the manual with a red pencil and see what they have done.”

Simmons acknowledges that his team of engineers will meet the requirements for large radiator inserts when writing the rules and creating a full-size 2022 car model.

“I think he was a little more radical than we thought.”

“When we developed aerodynamics of this set of rules, obviously, we saw a lot of things.

“And we used a much bigger introduction. [on the W13] To get the refrigerator. I think in Mercedes, there are a few small tricks that can help in this regard.

“So the intercooler, for example, is a very, very clean device, a water / air intercooler, which, of course, Mercedes had a while, but I think this is a little different.

“And that’s why you can reduce this car package a little bit more than most others can.”

George Russell, Mercedes W13

Photo by: Steven T / Motorsports Images

Explaining what Mercedes had done, he said, “I think the refrigeration unit I was talking about came from Rexing Engineers in Oxford, and it was a very efficient heat exchanger technology.

“And I think that’s one of the reasons they were able to produce the car as they did.”

Simmons said all teams have improved their packaging to make as little side pods as possible.

I think it is one of the trends we are seeing, and it is no different for these new rules, but we are seeing that it is very, very difficult to start packing everything into side panels.

“People think what’s in the side pads, really radiators, heat exchangers only?

“But really, there’s a lot more, there’s a lot of electronics in there. I think some people are taking that electronics to that kebele area.”

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Side pads and the concept of cooling to the side, Simons pointed out that there was nothing that caught his eye on the W13.

I think they dare to say the rest in a rational way, as usual. Front wing handling, what we expected to see.

“Back Wing. Yes, a little bit of a change there. A lot of people are going to take this very clear path to the lower back, the back wing, which is a lot.

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