The long-running Tc is hosted by Tech No. 1 Ferris State.

Michigan Tech Junior Quarter Will Will Arc (8) on Saturday, October 2, 2021 in Houston, Michich (David Arkambeu / for the newspaper) at Davenport.

Houghton – With a new victory in a big competition, the Michigan Tech football team faced its biggest challenge this weekend.

Hosts of the Huskies (4-2) No. 1 Ferris State in the Battle of GLIAC. The opening will take place at 1 a.m. Saturday at Carly Stadium.

Michigan Tech is a good time to prepare for a regular season game. The Huskies delayed their Main Cup for the 11th consecutive year and the 16th time in 19 games with last week’s 21-14 win over Northern Michigan.

Last week’s victory was Mich Tech’s third straight victory. The Huskis have come a long way in identifying and overcoming disruptions over the past month.

The Huskies’ progress this weekend is like a wild card for frustration. Another reason for coming on Saturday is that Tech has been able to maintain its high energy and relieve stress after winning an emotional trophy.

So what could be the biggest reason for the Hushki to celebrate an upset Saturday?

“We stayed together as a team, we played as a team for 60 minutes.” Michigan Tech head coach Steve Olsen said.

The Bulldogs (6-0) finished third last week and took over the No. 1 team in the country after losing to West Georgia 30-26 in the top four last week.

Ferris State last week won 8-8 Grand Valley, 35-28.

“We really have a great opportunity.” Olsen said. “At the beginning of the season, if you can say that you now have a 3-0 (conference) with the State of France, you will definitely be ready to go. They are a good football team, we know that and we knew before the season started, but we are ready to go.

The state of Ferris has a variety of offenses that provide a flexible test for the Michigan Tech defense, this time the Huskies’ tight clothing.

Here are some key points for Saturday’s game:

Ferris State has confirmed one of the biggest offenses in Division II football. The Bulldogs are 24th in the country with 153 first defeats (26 games).

The Bulldogs have the most yards in the air, averaging 304.8 yards per game and 10.76 yards per pass.

The Bulldogs have not yet been ranked in the top 50 in the country. Junior receiver Marcus Taylor is the 65th in the country with 491 yards and three touchdowns.

Ferris State ranks second in the country with an average of 517.7 offense per game and 3,106 total.

Michigan Tech tied for 132nd with 104 first downs (17 games). The Huskies’ offense is 139th, with an average of 278.8 offensive yards per game and a total of 1,673 yards.

Ferris State is a killer in the Red Zone, with 88% (28 out of 32) of TDs, 16 rushing TDs, 10 passing TDs, and two field goals. The Bulldogs Red Zone score is 31st in the country.

Michigan Tech has a relatively high percentage (87%) of the Red Zone results, but the Husks have fewer Red Zone trips. The Huskies have 13 of 15 red zone trips, including five fast TDs, three passing TDs and five field goals.

The Bulldogs are the second-largest converters in the country, with 40 out of 75 (53%) going so far. Tech defense ranks third (15 out of 43) with 35% of opponents.

The Huskies lost for the third time this season, turning 26 out of 82 (32%) chances. Tech is the third-largest red zone trip in the country.

The Husks are fifth in the country with an average of 1.67 transfer margins. Tech 17 has routes and seven turns. It was a place of interest for Olson.

“No. 1 is to take care of football.” he said. “You have to play smart, you can’t beat yourself and you have to work hard every game. So this is going to be a real key to us, it’s going to be a big effort.

Ferris State is tied for 71st in the country, with an average transfer rate of 0.17. Bulldogs have 12 lanes and 11 lanes.

The Huskies took a huge swing in the 31-7 win over Davenport on October 2. The penalties extended Haskin’s offensive drives and helped their defense.

Tech has penalties for St. Augustine (146 yards with 21 penalties) from any of the Class II schools (19) and second-degree penalties (166 yards).

Ferris State, on the other hand, is tied for 149th with 599 yards and 70 penalties.

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