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Lima – Andy Wentling, plant manager at the Wilson Soccer Factory in Ada, Ohio, shared some of the technology in the Wilson National Football League with Lima None Sartoma Club.

“We’ve seen football try to make a better product. The most exciting thing is that it failed. You are trying to make the samples meaningful, and so far.

Andy was hired to design balloons for censorship. For eight to ten years, the players have sensors in the shoulder pads that allow them to see how fast the teams are running, how fast they are jumping, and which lines they are running. But because they did not know where the football was, they did not know why the players were running.

As a product engineer, Andy was given the task of placing a three-and-a-half-pound sensor in football and monitoring the ball for years. Teams can now calculate how long it takes to get the ball, how long it takes to defend before the ball is thrown, and then how long it takes to reach the receiver. Hold or drop it all can be determined by the sensor inside the balloon. On Monday, all the information collected will be sent to the 32 teams in the National Football League.

When the new sensor was first designed, quarterbacks complained that they could feel the vibration of the sensor. So now there are many attempts to forget. It has now been used for five years.

Wilson is constantly developing innovations in football. Quarterback wanted to know where the ball was going. The fingers of the quarterbacks were mapped, and the targets were in place on the football field. This has created a stitch in football because in today’s fast-paced quarterback fans don’t have time to get the tie. When the ball was launched four years ago, Ohio State, Ohio North University and Finley University tested field football – Category One, Category Two and Category Three, respectively. Only three schools in the country played the new football. Wilson had to obtain a license from the National College of Athletics Association (NCAA) and the National Federation of High School Associations.

“We have been in Ada since 1955,” Andy said. We have been with the NFL for over 80 years. It is the longest partnership with any professional in the history of sports. We are very proud of this.

Wilson Football Plant Manager Andy Wentling speaks to the Lima None Sartoma Club at Old Barn Out Back.

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