The key to inflation is still rising, and war could be exacerbated.

“I know this is serious and Americans are hurting,” Mr. Biden said in a statement on Thursday. “I will do everything I can to limit the pain that the American people feel about the fuel pump. This is important to me. But this attack cannot go unnoticed.

Rising fuel prices are a pain for consumers, but economic policy makers typically try to see them because energy costs are so volatile. But officials are keeping a close eye on inflation, which has spread to other parts of the world, such as rent-seeking and other services.

Strong consumer spending has exacerbated inflation and forced companies to pay extra. Personal spending rose 2.1 percent in January compared to last year, beating Central Bank analysts in Bloomberg Survey.

By the end of 2021, the amusement park chain SeaWorld has released strong financial results, despite the fact that the brand is attracting visitors and paying more, despite the fact that many foreign travelers remain at home due to the ongoing epidemic.

“Our pricing and production strategies continue to be highly competitive with strong consumer demand and strong hospitality,” said Elizabeth Castro Gulsi, chief financial officer of the company.

“We are working in a good economic environment,” said Mark Swanson, the company’s chief executive. “So that obviously benefited us.”

However, as the economy enters the 2022 heatwave, policymakers are seeing an increase in the number of aid programs and the uncertainty surrounding the invasion of Ukraine is threatening the self-confidence of policymakers.

“The world situation may be different due to the Ukraine crisis, and this means a more modest” monetary policy change, “said Mr Waller. But this must be seen.

Ben Castleman. Contributing Reporting.

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