The home panel seeks records from tech companies in the Riot investigation

File – File a loyal photo of President Donald Trump’s uprising outside the Washington Capitol on January 6, 2021. (AP Photo / John Minchilo, File)


The requests have been made to technology giants Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter as well as Reddit, Paler, Telegram, 4 Chan, 8 Kun and other platforms.

False information related to the 2020 election, external influence in the election, efforts to terminate the election certificate, and “domestic violence extremists” Elections, including the attack on the capital.

The requested documents are being investigated in the wake of Wednesday’s biased and brutal investigation into how the public infiltrated the capital and undermined Democratic Joe Biden’s presidential victory. .

Earlier this week, the committee sent documents requesting intelligence, law enforcement, and other government agencies. The biggest question so far has been to the National Archives for information on former President Donald Trump and his former team. Trump has accused the committee of violating “long-standing legal principles.”

Committee members are considering asking telecommunications companies to keep the records of several people, including members of Congress. Dozens of police officers were injured and more than $ 1 million was injured in the riot, which left dozens of police officers dead and hundreds more injured.

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