The giant first half was won by hockey by Pete-Virginia Tech Athletics.

Pittsburgh, p Virginia Tech’s impressive first-half shooting helped secure a third straight ACC victory over Pitt on Saturday night. Hockey left Pittsburgh after beating the Panthers 76-71 after over 50% of the field and beyond the arch.

Tech scored 49 points in the first half in the first 20 minutes of the season. With 10 out of 13 knocking out, the Hokies have set a new season in half for 3 pointers. Virginia Tech shot 75% off the field in the first half, a shot that hit half a percent in the new ACC game record. The hockey team put together a half-time run with 13 consecutive shots.

Three hockey leads double digits Hurricane Injection The top 20 goalscorer of the season was a tech-savvy recorder, who opened the game with the first three 3-pointers and closed with two charities on the charity line. Justin Mutts He had 16 points and caused damage to the defense, catching five steals. Nahiem Alleyne He had 14 points and converted a team-top four shots from outside the arch to the goal.

Virginia Tech beat Pittsburgh 26-18 in Saturday’s game to take a five-point lead.

Virginia Tech defense suffered a hamstring injury in Saturday’s game, forcing Pittsburgh to move. Those taken were converted to 17 points on the other end of the floor.

How did it happen?

After jumping to 35-21, Virginia Tech lost 11-0 in a 4-0 run 32 in the first half, finishing three from Alleyne and increasing their lead to 46-21. The Hockey then added two points at the end of the game to enter the half-hour with a 49-9 victory. Virginia Tech is based on a three-point shot with 10 shots to get 30 out of 49 points.

Before the Virginia Tech 5-0, he maintained his lead in the Mutts position with a 6-5 lead with a 65-54 lead. The Panthers narrowed the gap slightly before the end of the game, but the hockey continued to win 76-71. Virginia Tech hit 12 of their 27 points with a deep shot from three points.

Game notes

»Hockey have made more than half of their three-point attempts and hit 14 of 26 balls.
Virginia Tech did not go on the road to the 67-71 victory.
Virginia Tech averaged 15 assists per game.
»Virginia Tech had a 26-18 margin on the winning boards.
»Virginia Tech defense forced 15 changes.
» Hurricane Injection He led hockey by 20 points.
Virginia Tech won the top five in the group again. Justin Mutts.

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