The Era Technology Webinar series begins with Decision Intelligence

According to Gartner ፣, “Over the next two years, one-third of large corporations will use decision-making information to improve competitive advantage. *”

Leading decision-making, decision-making, automation, decision-making, AERA has created the Future Now webinar series to encourage discussion and decision-making experiences and best-practice decision-making. One-hour sessions highlight challenging decision-making, the arrival and reception of cognitive technologies, and future insights.

The first four episodes of Aera’s Future Now include a Determination Intelligence Webinar series

Webinars What is Decision Intelligence?
Date and time
February 22, 2022 @ 8 p.m. PST
Attention The topic of decision intelligence appears, what does it mean and how is it explained? Join us as we explore what this new landscape looks like, its value and how companies are thinking about decision intelligence.
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Webinars What is the future of employment in the world of decision-making intelligence?
Date and time March 1, 2022 @ 8 p.m. PST
Attention As decisions become more and more automated, what will the future of human resources and governance look like? Who are the people needed to develop the future? Join us as we discuss how organizations can adopt new models for decision-making intelligence.
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Webinars How do companies manage decision-making skills?
Date and time March 8, 2022 @ 8 p.m. PST
Attention Today, some large corporations deploy decision-making intelligence to international teams and to size. Join us as we explore how these companies have traveled and developed lessons that we can learn and apply.
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Webinars Future digital control towers in the world of knowledge
Date and time March 15, 2022 @ 8 p.m. PST
Attention In a world where decision-making technology is shifting to technologies that support it, are control towers still important? Join us as we discuss their benefits – when done right – and how it can lay the groundwork for increasing and automating decisions.
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About Era Technology
Era Technology is a decision-making intelligence company. We provide the first cloud platform integrated with existing systems to make and execute business decisions in real time. In the age of digital acceleration, ERA helps enterprises around the world respond to changing environments. Visit for more information.

* Garrett® “Gatner identifies 2022 major strategic technology trendsOctober 18, 2021. GARTNER is a trademark and registered trademark of Gartner Inc. and / or its affiliates in the United States and internationally. all rights reserved.

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