The DeKalb County Department of Innovation and Technology is ranked No. 2 nationally

The National Organization recognizes Improved Cyber ​​Security

Dictator, Ga-For the fifth year in a row, the DeKalb County Government has been recognized as a national leader in the use of technology innovation, including in its work to improve the county’s cyber security.

The Digital Government Center and the National Association of States (NACo) ranked second in the country in the 19th annual survey of digital districts with a population of 500,000 to 999,999. Only three of Georgia’s eight, including Gwynet and Kobin, ranked eighth and tenth out of 88 provinces.

Since 2017, Decal County has been nationally recognized each year in the top ten counties.

Decale County Department of Innovation and Technology, under the leadership of John Matlsky, protects the county from countless cyber-attacks each year, said Michael Turmond, CEO of DeCal. Recognizes that this award is a priority for DeCalb’s information technology professionals.

Over the past year, DeCal County has improved its technology in a number of ways, including:

  • Expanded and improved cyber security systems to protect regional systems and information, including the establishment of a 24 x 7 Virtual Security Operations Center and the expansion of the cyber security education program.
  • Increased digital, citizen and local engagement channels, engagement and transparency.
  • In collaboration with the Health Board, it has provided real-time language translation tools to help them facilitate health-related services in more than 400 languages.
  • Enables essential government services to ensure ongoing and expanded services, including courts, public safety, community services, youth services and health.

We will continue to provide government services with innovative and cost-effective technology dedicated to systems and information security, as well as excellent customer service, said John Inelsky, Chief Innovation and Information Officer.

List of known districts in the 500,000-999,999 population category:

  1. Prince George’s County, MD
    2. DeKalb County, GA
    3. Snohomish County, WA
    4. San Joaquin County, California
    5. San Matio County, California
    6. Sonoma County, California
    7. New Castle County, D.C.
    8. Gwinnett County, GA
    9. Polk County, FL
  2. Cobb County, GA

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