The Dallas Anti-Abortion Conference celebrates the passing of a ‘heart rate bill’ in Texas

The Christian organization Focus on the Family brought the SeeLife 2021 conference to Dallas American Airlines this weekend to share the story of the opposition. During the event, the organization announced that it will donate a mobile ultrasound unit to five pregnancy centers operating on the border.

The event, which was attended by 7,000 people, featured a 30-minute concert by five-time Grammy nominee Matthew West. Many speakers shared their stories, including Nick Jichich, an international minister who shares the gospel with technology and prison services.

The purpose of the event was to show a 4-D ultrasound of the fetus in the womb, as they did in New York City Times in 2021. New York, as it was called, had 20,000 participants online.

At SeeLife 2021, it focused on family-focused ultrasound units before and after the event. The same unit is sent to the border.

Paul Battura, vice president of communications at the Focus Family, said Texas was chosen for a number of reasons, including Senate Bill 8, also known as “heart rate calculation,” which prohibits abortion for approximately six weeks. Many women know they are pregnant. It will take effect on September 1, but it has been challenged in court.

“We love Texas because it’s a very friendly state for prenatal care. That’s one of the reasons we chose Dallas and we respect those who passed that law,” Batura said.

During the event, the Focus of Families highlighted the Hops Center, a pregnancy center in McKinney, which was damaged during the winter storm. Holly Snyl, CEO of Hope Women’s Center, said the organization has helped to open the center.

Over the years, he has provided family-focused assistance and ultrasound equipment.

“Our clinic is completely destroyed, we have basically lost everything. Family-focused, like a championship, they came around us and started mobilizing various national organizations to get the equipment we need and even a mobile clinic to get up and move quickly after the loss. ”

Snell and her husband, who participated in the center, also shared winter clips and damage clips during the event.

“What we are seeing now makes us stronger and better able to reach the many girls and boys who seek wealth during pregnancy. We will support and advise even women who have had an abortion. ”

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