The county is looking for high-tech GPS for better service

New ULM – Brown County Board of Trustees plans to purchase GPS room for planning and zoning at its March 1 board meeting.

The Department of Planning and Zoning has requested the purchase of a 9,316 Trimble R2 unit based on internal experience, advice from the Neighborhood Department, prompt technical assistance and operational improvements and compatibility with other equipment.

The crew received 5,748 bids for the Leica FLX 100 GPS.

The GPS unit office is used to assist with on-site inspections and visits. Currently, problems related to variances, swamps, feeders, sewerage systems, emergency management, beaches, and other issues include not being able to identify the location of obstacles, obstacles or attacks.

Employees have used the Information Technology Department’s older Triple (GPS) unit but it has battery issues, security issues and an outdated operating system.

Commissioners should also consider the following:

• Authorize the Brown County Sheriff’s Office to purchase a $ 2,923 proof-of-passage lock system from The County Maintenance Unit collects and installs evidence-based locking systems in the sheriff’s office.

• Recognize Betty Camols as the 2021 Minnesota County Recording Association of the Year. She received the award on February 16 at the Minneapolis Double Tri-Hilton Annual Conference of Minnesota County Officers. Camillez has worked in the Brown County Recording Office for 42 years, the last 16 as a recorder.

• Evaluate the Dissolution Advisory Council. The council was established in 1999 to share correctional programs and juvenile court records under the Gift Agreement.

However, the team did not meet for several years due to changes in the CVD-19 epidemic and changes in the staff of the Minnesota Department of Corrections. A review found that the juvenile court has not been active since 2019 and is sharing information through social media and email.

• Bid for 2022 Seal Coat Oil Tender. The county highway department recommends Flint Hills Resources at a $ 2.03-gallon minimum bid. The county estimates that 190,000 gallons of oil are needed each year. The department plans to use maintenance funds to cover 47 miles of highways as part of a regular maintenance program.

• Permit posting of a full-time probationary director with an annual salary of $ 71,201 to $ 106,237. Trial director Les Schultz is retiring April 1. In the recruitment and selection process, the county may use the program director of the Minnesota Professional Workers’ Union (MAPE) to adjust the payroll. The district court judge selects the probation director and cooperates with the county.

The county board will convene in court on Tuesday, March 9 at the county commissioner’s office.

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