The Barrie YouTuber technology show builds an ever-growing audience.

‘Remember, 20 years ago, virtual reality was a concept in science fiction, and now you can have a completely immersive gaming experience for $ 500,’ said Robbie Ferguson.

Robbie Ferguson is a local, but access to it is growing by the thousands.

Ferguson is the owner of Category5 Technology TV, a reality show that started as a technical support business in 2007.

“It’s designed to provide free technical support to people. We launched the YouTube channel at an early age, even though it doesn’t exist and has just started,” Ferguson said. BarrieToday. “We had a video channel designed for people to do Q-and-AS around technology.”

Category 5 Technology TV has transformed its production into a entertainment venue, and the slave-based business has removed the physical limitations of the traditional studio environment. It is now in its 15th season online.

The channel has about 33,000 subscribers and is growing every day.

Category 5 Technology TV initially uses software designed for virtual reality, placing the actors in the same 3D environments: space requirements and body values, as well as traditional green screen limits.

According to Ferguson, the 15th season is very different from previous seasons because it was shot like a live broadcast.

“Now we look like the television program you’re sitting on. It’s not live, but it’s fully made,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson, 42, came to Bari to work on the radio at the age of 18 and said the broadcast had always been in love with him. Although he believed that this was the beginning of the broadcast, he did not expect such success.

Ferguson said, “I wanted to return to the broadcast so I could use that platform to help with technology.” This is the first evolution of the show, but where we are now is far beyond anything we can imagine or have ever imagined, because our hands have been affected by the epidemic.

It gives us a choice but to do something different.

Ferguson and his entourage are discussing technology and everything from different environments with other guests, although you may not know it because of the technology behind it. The software used in Category5 Technology TV is Unreal Engine, which originated with 3D video game creation.

Ferguson said in recent years he has been reshaping the film and television industries, allowing video production studios to place actors in virtual collections, such as large budget productions. Mandalorian And Matrix resurrections Advanced technology.

He said more than 160 major animations and TV shows have also been adopted. A.D. By 2022, Unreal Engine video is set to have a major impact on how YouTube is developed.

Ferguson says we are already there, despite the fact that big tech giants are talking about changing the online experience from screen to screen and making it feel like it’s real.

“Remember, virtual reality was a concept in CC-Fi movies 20 years ago, and now you can have a completely immersive gaming experience for $ 500,” says Ferguson.

For the first two years after the outbreak, Ferguson and his team continued to produce educational content for YouTube, albeit less frequently than in the past.

The Category 5 Technology TV Season 15 pilot episode was released on February 23 and is available on their YouTube channel, bringing four real-world actors to the show, one in New York.

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