The award-winning Water Engineering Technology Breach Women’s Obstacle.

The love of the Okanagan College student not only earned her a prestigious award but also served as an encouragement to other women.

Meghan McCreight, who grew up in Coldstream, began her career at Okanagan College in her first year at Salmon Arm. There, one of her professors spoke to her about the Water Engineering Technology (WET) program on the Kelona Campus.

“My family is very outdoors, the skis, the camps, they are always kind, and I grew up in nature,” says McCrett.

Mackerel graduated from OC’s WET in December, and is encouraged to pursue her academic career. She won the $ 10,000 Irving K. Barber Women’s Technology Scholarship.

Scholarships recognize women who have excelled in postgraduate computer science, engineering or math. The purpose of the scholarship is to reward women with the highest level of technology and to encourage future generations to join the field of traditional masculinity.

He said the award would not have been possible without the support of Allison O’Neill, chairwoman of the WET program, which McCrett applied to for all the women in the program.

“In my first year with Alison, I received two lessons. She is the strongest advocate for women in the program, ”said McReith. She is a leading advocate for women’s participation in technology and engineering.

O’Neill says she is very proud of the award for her advice and dedication, for her diligence and hard work, which paves the way for further studies at STEM.

“Women have long struggled to be successful in engineering. “Such scholarships provide much support for female students to enter male-dominated areas and to reverse historical trends,” O’Neill said.

When Maccrete found out that she was one of the winners of the scholarship, she said that her initial reaction was shocking.

“I did not know what to do. I was sitting at home watching TV and calling my mom. ” “The WET program is very user-friendly. In general, engineering is mostly owned by men, but there are opportunities wherever you want,” he said.

After graduating from the WET program, she said she plans to pursue further studies in biology and environmental studies at Victoria University, with the support of her scholarship.

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