The AI-powered newsroom tool has won SPH’s first technology award

Singapore – Artificial Intelligence (AI) has found its way into the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) newsroom, a news platform that scans news content and related content.

Named SPH Robbie, the tool aims to shorten the time journalists spend writing articles, allow them to create more news content, and help video providers deliver news to their audiences.

The innovation, which began last Thursday (October 28, 2021), gave the SPH awards for the best use of AI / Automation for creativity at the Inspire Tech Awards 2021.

The awards recognize companies that have deployed technology to overcome the challenges posed by the changing business landscape.

The awards are part of the Connokgov Leaders’ Conference, organized by the CIA Academy’s Tink Tank in Singapore.

SPH Robbie uses the Business Times to shorten the time that journalists want to see the daily stock articles.

The tool provides journalists with information from previous articles on the Singapore Exchange.

SPH Robbie can create summaries by reviewing the news report and extracting the most relevant parts of the content.

This action was taken last week on a new paper (TNP), which will be used to edit articles from The Straits Times. These articles were summarized by the device before the short content was published on the paper’s website.

Eugene Lew, head of digital strategy at SPH English / Malay / Tamil Media Group, said comments and information show that most readers prefer short articles, especially when reading from their smartphones.

“The summary gives the TNP team the ability to quickly reduce content to its digital audience, which allows them to present broader stories,” he added.

“Similarly, some news reports for the video team can be broken down into a big story for our reporters on our weekly news program.”

According to Ashsh Verma, head of SPH’s AI-Labs, the device took about three months to produce. He added that more features will come.

A total of 21 entries from 41 industries from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia won a total of 21 entries from 21 companies.

Robot Barista Ella, the winner of the most inspiring innovation award, was Crown Digital. It is scheduled to air at 30 MRT stations by the end of next year and will allow users to pre-order their coffee using the app and collect their drinks upon arrival.

The National University of Singapore has won an award for promoting a virtual reality alternative to the nursing course. This allows students to access course content on their own time and at home.

Other winners include Government Technology Agency, Nanyang Technology University, Siam Commercial Bank and Telecom Malaysia.

CIOAA CEO P.Raramakrishna and his awards were launched to recognize the unsung heroes of technology-savvy organizations – and thrive on new ways.

Mr. Gerard Chai, one of the six international judges who reviewed the records, believes the award will inspire other companies to embark on digital transformation.

“If business models do not change because of the way the world has changed and the epidemic, many companies will have strong brands, but they may not exist tomorrow,” said Koran Ferry, a consultant with the Singapore office.

Mr. Chai, who is now retired, said some industries, such as agriculture, are still lagging behind in digital transformation.

He also said that the cost of digitalization will continue to be a challenge for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that need help in this regard.

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