The 439-year-old piano technology will bring honor to the future as the CES 2022 Innovation Award

Replacing 1.3 million metric tons of PU foam with E / SMART በዓ annually eliminates more than 4 million metric tons of CO2 each year, reducing quality of life, health, productivity and the environment. General Manager Andrea Piano E / SMART ይ sees this as an opportunity to change our approach to sustainability.

“The modern world is based on the materials of the past. Andrea Piano. “At E / SMART ተናል we have built a technology platform for the circular economy.

Piano technology was introduced in 1582 by Bella. Italy. 1995 Andrea Piano He became CEO, creating an environmentally friendly time for the company and opening the first American factory inside. Carterville, Georgia Before you develop SaveDrop technology and expand it into clothing. Today, piano innovations are being used in B2B settings to encourage Fortune 500 companies in the categories of sleep, warehouse, transportation, lifestyle, medical and aviation.

E / SMART ™ capabilities such as the CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree, a recognized piano technology designed to launch products directly into consumers. The design, reuse, and adaptation of SMART ይመ will lead us one step closer to a user-centered circular economy linked to unknown molecular technology. As the market moves away from traditional practices and seeks zero waste solutions, piano technology will move us forward.

Visit Piano Technology at CES 2022 and experience Piano Technology.

About Piano Technology

The Piano family started the textile business in 1582 in Bila. Italy A.D. Before the traditional textile dyeing in 1950 and the opening of the first American factory in the 1950s, the industry was able to develop innovative solutions. Carterville, Georgia A.D. In 1995. Today, Piano Technology is a multidisciplinary company that specializes in unconventional solutions through weaving, digital printing and fiber treatments. Piano works by replacing the underlying technology behind many everyday consumer goods with automotive – home appliances – a socially responsible and environmentally responsible technology.

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