The 1-year-old headset costs Rs 5,999 and is available on August 17th: Technology News, First Post – Ohio News Time

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We are not ready to launch our first annual event, called the Year 1 headset. The company has already announced that the headphones will come in a clear design and case. It is priced at Rs 5,999 in India and can be purchased at Flipkart Currently hosting big rescue days sales It ends July 29.

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It does not have the specifications and features you would expect from Ear 1

According to the company, the Norse 1 headphones come with Active Deletion (ANC) and three HD microphones. Official cafes have announced that the headphones come with a clear design from the headphone jack. It also has a red, white and black glossy design and a silver strap on the bottom of the trunk.

Former OnePlus CEO Carl Payy can now become CEO of anything Interview Senate Headphones with Active Deactivation (ANC) provide 24 hours of battery life and can be turned off by the SMS within 10 minutes.

The headset mentioned above is comparable to the Apple AirP Pro, which is priced at Rs 24,900.

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The price of a 1-year headset is 5,999 Rebels, Aug. 17: Technology News, First available

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