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The new generation of India’s flagship motorcycles will start in India starting at 20.76 rubles. With the acquisition of the classic motorcycle he introduced a few years ago, India’s 2022 lineup has a very small view of the small dark horse (starting at 20.76 rubles) and the Indian chief Bobber’s dark horse (starting). There are three main differences. Rs 21.40 lakh) and Indian Super Chief Limited (from 22.82 Rebels, all prices, previous display section). Each variant is available in three colors, but prices vary from thousands of rupees to version.

All three motorcycles are powered by a 1,890cc air conditioning engine 162Nm, a circular 4-inch rotation touch screen system and three steering modes sport, standard and tour.

On all three motorcycles, there is a standard 46mm telescopic fork and an adjustable double shock absorber on the front. All three bikes are equipped with Pireley night drag wheels and have 300mm disc brakes on the front and rear, but only the main dark horse rides on 19-inch wheels. The other two variations are on 16-inch wired wheels. Thick tires. Super Chief Limited will also have a large windshield and saddle bag.

The new main lineup features features such as a 15.1-liter fuel tank, adjustable preload, rear shock absorber, dual exhaust, LED light and off-switch. The driveway is 1,626 mm and the seat height is 662 mm. The main dark tube weighs 304 kg (wet), which is significantly lighter than the previous generation dark hose.

Laila Sharma, the general manager of Polaris India’s PV, commented on the launch of the new mainland in India: Technology, timeless beauty and modern performances will inspire lovers of Indian sailors. “

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