Texas Tech wins trip to nine – Texas Tech Red Thieves

Lubock, Texas – The No. 19 Texas Tech Baseball Team defeated Merimak College 12-4 at Rip Griffin Park on Sunday afternoon. The victory ended a four-game qualifier for the Red Devils in the last three days, beating 70-12 visitors from the Boston area.

Tech In 2022 he advanced to 10-2, winning eight straight games, and now awaits the 2021 National Champions, Mississippi State. A two-game series Tuesday and Wednesday at MGM Park, the home of Double-A Biloxi Shuckers.

On Sunday, Austin Baker made his first start since recovering from injury in the 2020 season. When he allowed one hit, he won by throwing three pointless innings. He hit five of his 11 fights and did not walk. Becker, a team of five different arms, backed Bulpen on Sunday.

Jess Jung led the disgusting effort because he had the whole series. He eventually came out on top 3-5, and was one-on-one, double, and triple-hit. Collecting 11 hits and 6 RBI in a row, he led the Red Devils by an average of .611 batting (in four games).

Along with Jung, Owen Washington has won three matches, one of which broke his fifth three-time home run.See). Entering the bottom five, Tech had a 3-2 lead but like the Bats they spent the whole weekend exploding for great results. Texas Tech left the frame with a command of 10-2, scoring seven runs in seven games. As Tech moved to the top of their series, each team scored one pair in the seventh.

Head coach Tim Tadlock
ቤ Baker start…

“I’m really proud of Austin. I thought he had two yards from the start of everything. Life was good for him, and his breaking ball was always good.

Together in the group …

“Those guys are all very well integrated. They all get along well. They have a lot of fun, they have a good group of men. The best thing is that they all know there is more to them and they have been working hard on it. Hard.”

RS Sophomore Austin Baker
What happened today…

“Fastball was good in the past, I think I snatched both of them. That’s what I used to do religiously. It was good to break the ball. I went to the field, but it really wasn’t.

Sophomore Jess Jung
On Year 3 on the flat presentation …

“this year [pitchers are] Being truly selective. They’re just trying to get a corner on me. I go into the box and you know who’s in there. They know you should not leave one in the middle. Not everything should be a home run, as I can only take my singles, double doubles.

On the next test …

“Come on Tuesday, or when we get Monday [to Mississippi]There will be a completely different opportunity. [Mississippi State is] Top 25 teams. The last time we played there was the whole of Mississippi. It really helps us to get there, to know the people, to know the atmosphere, and to stay within ourselves.

Texas Tech to Biloxi, Miss. He travels to Mississippi State for two independent field games on Tuesday and Wednesday, and will be on his way to Rice next weekend. The Red Riders’ next home game is March 15, when New Mexico arrives in the city.

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