Texas Tech Partners with Branding Group for Group License – Texas Tech Red Invaders

LUBBOCK, Texas – Texas Tech Athletics on Friday announced the signing of a team license agreement with the University Student-Athletes for Brander Group (TBG). The new agreement is part of a proven beyond Texas Tech program designed to build and protect each student-athlete’s personal brand.

As part of the deal, current and former Texas Tech students will be able to earn NIL by using Texas Tech’s official trademarks and logos in all 17 related sports using TGG as part of a team licensing program.

“July 1, the college’s athletic landscape has expanded opportunities for our students: athletes to be compensated for their name, image and image,” he said. Kirby Hoct They said. Texas Tech is the culmination of opportunities in this new environment by recruiting some of the best and brightest student athletes in the country and matching Niels with Texas Tech logos and trademarks.

The TGG Group Licensing Program allows three or more individuals from the same sport or any combination of Texas Tech athletics programs to voluntarily participate in the NIL logo. This will allow current student-athletes and alphabet winners to use their college success and relationships with Texas Tech, and ensure that they are properly compensated for their NL use.

“This creative team licensing program gives our fans the opportunity to honor and support the two T-shirts and the amazing student-athletes they wear and wear,” Hocott said. “Collaborative Commodities and Experiences with Student-Athlete Neil and Texas Tech Signs is a big step forward in the new NIL College environment.”

Participating in team licensing programs without direct athletic approval does not allow the current student-athlete NL to use it privately and in no way prohibits individual partnerships.

TBG administers and administers the program and provides licensing opportunities on behalf of student-athletes. With several decades of shared management experience for several top brands, TBG also manages the team rights program for the NFL, NBA, and MLB players’ associations on campus.

The company develops and facilitates group licensing opportunities on behalf of current student-athletes and graduates. Examples of group licensing agreements include student-athletes in business card programs, video games, and shared branded jerseys, including student-athlete names and numbers, as well as Texas Tech official trademarks and logos.

“This is an exciting new chapter for our company, which will allow us to explore promising opportunities for student-athletes with Texas Tech Athletics,” said Wesley Heins, CEO of Brand Group. With this group license agreement, you will be fully aware of all the benefits associated with the name, image, and model of Texas Tech Athletics Programs. Red Riders have a culture of excellence, and we are thrilled to be working with them on this new journey for their student-athletes and fans.

Although there is no set time limit, TGG, which includes the names and numbers of selected red robbers who will be included in the relevant licensing program, including technical tech goods, including team jerseys, will immediately enter into agreements with the relevant Texas Tech trademark. Permits.

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