Tesla rents the entire office building in the San Jose Technology Center

San Jose – Tesla has leased a large office building in northern San Jose, expanding the list of technology lights that illuminated the area’s largest city.

The Santa Clara County Public Records and this news agency directly look at the property of Tesla, the electric carmaker has rented a total of 75,000 square feet of office and research building.

Google, Apple, Samsung, Cecio and Pippel are among the household names in technology that have significant office or research activities in North San Jose or are planning to develop large new sites.

Tesla, based in Palo Alto, with its largest Bay area electric car factory, is joining that popular list in Fremont, North San Jose.

“It is a good thing that San Jose continues to add major companies to the list,” said Bob Stadler, Silicon Valley Senior, Silicon Valley Consultant.

In addition, the city of San Jose, Adobe, and Google have tried to establish major new businesses in the city’s central business district.

Tesla, the landlord of 2711 N., the owner of the first office building, has recently announced that construction work has begun on the site.

According to Google Maps, the North San Jose building is considered to be the site of Tesla Energy Training Center.

In recent days, a direct inspection of the property by this news agency shows that Tesla’s logo has been posted on the doors of a one-story office building.

However, apart from Tesla’s name on the doors, there are no more visible signs for the green company. No monument appears next to the building. The site’s first tenant was a private university, International Technology University.


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