Tesla received a call from the US SEC over the 2018 settlement

Tesla said on Monday that it had received a call from US security chief Elon Musk regarding a deal to verify tweets about the company’s material.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a subpoena on November 16, 10 days after it asked its Twitter followers to sell 10% of the company’s shares, prompting a sell-off.

In the recent past, the share of electric car makers has dropped by a quarter since it was posted on Twitter. Shares fell 1.9 percent to 909.98 (approximately 67,870 Rs.) On Monday morning.

The SEC’s latest move, cited by the automaker’s Secure Record, puts pressure on Tesla to verify Federal Vehicle Supervisors’ vehicle records and driver-assistance software. The SEC declined to comment.

A.D. In 2018, Mask filed a lawsuit against the SEC on his Twitter account, and the company’s lawyers agreed to approve tweets containing material about the company.

In December, Tesla was accused of including stock sales in a series of tweets that lowered the company’s stock price on Musk’s social media posts. This was not the first time Musk had been accused of violating settlement agreements.

Reuters reported last year that the SEC had opened an investigation into complaints that its shareholders had failed to properly report fire hazards related to solar panel system defects.

Tesla said Monday it would “regularly” cooperate with government summonses and other investigations and inquiries.

In the application, the company announced that the California Department of Justice and Housing was investigating racism and harassment in Tesla’s workplaces and that it had a reason to file a civil complaint against the electrician.

Tesla has previously been embroiled in a series of allegations of racism and sexual harassment, and in October federal judges ordered the company to pay $ 137 million (approximately $ 1,020) to a former black contractor in a case.

The New York State Pension Fund said Monday it has asked shareholders to report to Tesla, Activity Bliss and Starbucks to report on efforts to prevent harassment and discrimination.

The proposal requires companies to disclose the total number of disputes resolved and the total amount of dollars involved in sexual harassment or harassment.

Muk-White House stress

Tesla and the White House have been at loggerheads over the past few months.

Last month, GM and Ford CEOs attended a meeting of technology and car companies hosted by US President Joe Biden. Musk was not on the audience list.

Musk has been using his Twitter account to attack Biden’s management, neglecting Tesla and taking the lead in the transfer of Detroit cars to electric vehicles. Musk called Biden a “wet sock doll” on his Twitter account last month.

Musk is in conflict with United Auto Workers (UAW), a key partner of Biden. In March, the National Labor Relations Board ordered Tesla employees to delete a tweet stating that they could lose stock options if they voted to join the UAW. Tesla is appealing that order.

Tesla said on Monday that the holdings of electric-car maker Bitcoin had a fair market value of $ 1.99 billion (approximately Rs. 14,850 crore) as of December 31st.

The company, which invested $ 1.5 billion (approximately Rs.1190 kroner) in Bitcoin last year before selling 10 percent of its holdings, reported a net loss of $ 101 million (about 750 million rubles) last year. Bitcoin.

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