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But technology can be a great force for good.

Justin Spellhau, vice president of the TechU Social Social Impact Group at Microsoft Philanthropy, delivers PLU 16th del e Benson on business and economic history, and the role of technology in positive social and economic transformation. The imaginary event – the conclusion of two days Wang Center Symposium – March 10 at 7 p.m.

“PLU is working to promote active, healthy communities in Parkland, Pierce County and the Northwest,” said Michael Halvarson, PhD, Business and Economic History Chair at the University Benson Family. “For Mr.

Spellhag examines the role of technology companies in global efforts to fight equality, eradicate poverty, protect our planet, and transform local communities. Tech for Social Impact has the potential to expand the capacity of organizations and communities to meet social challenges.

Spelhaug brings 22 years of professional experience in various business and social enterprises. Prior to taking on the role of Tech for Social Influence, he served as Microsoft’s Asia Pacific Pacific Marketing and Operations Officer. It has helped launch an unrestricted potential in Microsoft by focusing on developing new and more affordable computing solutions to close the digital divide for low-income communities worldwide.

Halverson says many PLU graduates have gone to work for Microsoft and other technology companies and are involved in major technology innovations. But few recognize that high-tech companies are key partners in global partnerships that promote nonprofits, community training, and social benefits.

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